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A pet is a type of champion summoned unit. Champion icon.png Champions have the ability to summon these artificially intelligent units to assist them on the battlefield.

Pets deal Malzahar Void Swarm.png pet damage.

There are three classifications of pets based on their control capacity:

  • Controllable (i.e Ivern's Ivern's Daisy Daisy) - The pet does not have jurisdiction over its actions. Only the owner has the power to input commands such as attacking a target or moving to a location in order to force it to act. Most of the pets of this type have a leash range, more appropriately called a control range, which is a boundary they cannot physically pass and will always Flash.png blink back to their owner if attempted so.
  • Uncontrollable (i.e Spirits Spirits pulled by Illaoi Illaoi) - The pet is static and incapable of performing actions by themselves nor their owners.
  • Self-Controlled (i.e Kalista's Kalista's Sentinel Sentinel) - The pet has its own behavior and thrives on instinct, whose power is dependent on gameplay interactions such as detecting or attacking nearby enemies.

Leash range

Some champion pets have a radius relative to their source that they cannot surpass. If they go beyond the maximum range, the pet will automatically Flash.png blink next to their owner. The following pets have this mechanic:

Game-impacting pets


A clone is a unit that is considered a Champion icon.png champion.

Self controlled

Cosmetic Pets

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Base Champion


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