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    "Hey, Ryze Ryze! Are you still hiding all those dangerous runes in one place? Should I not yell that?"
Ezreal Ezreal

Petricite Grove is forest area located on the footholds of the Rocky Highlands of northern Demacia.


Petricite Grove map.jpg

One of many similar forests in Demacia, it is the location of the rare petrified flora with magical absorbing properties.

Related Champions

  • Ryze Ryze stores World Runes inside a Demacian Vault in the Petricite Grove.


Demacian Vault

  • Demacian Vault: Deep beneath the ancient petricite groves, Ryze has found a forgotten vault where the volatile energies of the World Rune shards can be safely contained.


Petricite Trees

Demacia The Demacian Vault 01.jpg Petricite Trees are fossilized-like trees that were magically altered by World Runes. They have magic-dampening abilities as well as the ability to absorb magic. Several stories high, these white trees and their yellow leaves are as hard as stone. The early settlers of Demacia discovered a petrified forest that can dispel magic, and mixed this wood with ash and lime into the resistant material that is called Petricite. From this innovation, the walls of Demacia were established. The material used by Demacians in defensive walls, military, and public security. It is also used in Demacian architecture due to its white and elegant appearance.


  • As indicated by Ezreal's Ezreal's quotes towards Ryze Ryze, it is possible he knows of the World Rune vault.
    • Zoe's Zoe's lore mentions the "No Fun Forest" where the "Sparkly Rocks" are hidden. However, it is unclear if she knows that the World Runes are hidden there, only that the petricite forest is there and it effects her magic.


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