Date Patch New Champion Other
November 7
V8.22 Program 2018 skins, Praetorian skins and new skin: Orianna VictoriousCircle Victorious Orianna. PykeSquare Pyke new Lethality scalings. ViktorSquare Viktor non-AP builds nerf. Time Warp Tonic rune Time Warp Tonic rework. Various balance changes.
October 24
V8.21 Harrowing 2018 skins and event. K/DA skins. Various balance changes.
October 10
V8.20 Dragon World 2018 skin: Heimerdinger DragonTrainerCircle Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger. New skins: Amumu InfernalCircle Infernal Amumu and Malzahar HextechCircle Hextech Malzahar. Champion update: EzrealSquare Ezreal. Dark Harvest rune Dark Harvest nerf. Various balance changes.
September 26
V8.19 Worlds skins, chromas and event. VFX and SFX update for Jarvan IVSquare Jarvan IV, Lee SinSquare Lee Sin, VeigarSquare Veigar and ViSquare Vi. New objective steal announcements. Updated profile pages. New movement speed slow VFX. Various balance changes.
September 12
V8.18 Odyssey 2018 skins and event. New game mode: Odyssey: Extraction. New legendary skin: Kayn OdysseyCircle Odyssey Kayn. Various balance changes.
August 29
V8.17 Immortal Journey 2018 and High Noon 2018 skins. New Legendary skin: Lucian HighNoonCircle High Noon Lucian. Champion Update: NunuSquare Nunu & Willump. Various balance changes.
August 15
V8.16 Event Horizon skins 2018 skins. New skins: Braum MafiaCircle Mafia Braum and Aurelion Sol MechaCircle Mecha Aurelion Sol. Nexus Blitz alpha playtesting. Tanks buff. Burst runes nerf. Various balance changes.
August 1
V8.15 Pool Party 2018 skins. Champion update: AkaliSquare Akali. FizzSquare Fizz buff. Marksman items buffed. Various balance changes.
July 18
V8.14 2017 World Championship Winner skins. New skin: Poppy HextechCircle Hextech Poppy. New in-game cursor. FizzSquare Fizz's Seastone Trident Seastone Trident small rework. Gold funneling for jungle nerf. Ghost Poro rune Ghost Poro and Zombie Ward rune Zombie Ward rework. Various balance changes.
June 27
V8.13 VS. 2018 skins and event. New skin: Cho'Gath DarkStarCircle Dark Star Cho'Gath. Champion update: AatroxSquare Aatrox. Bounty gold increased. Death timers reduced. IreliaSquare Irelia and Guinsoo's Rageblade item Guinsoo's Rageblade nerf. Various balance changes.
June 13
V8.12 2018 FIFA World cup skins. Allied shields nerfs. Emotes update. New tutorials. Various balance changes.
May 31
V8.11 Curse of the Drowned (Bilgewater) event: ARAM changes, return of Butcher's Bridge. Marksmen itemization update. Various balance changes.
May 16
V8.10 2018 Pulsefire skins. Rift ScuttlerSquare Rift Scuttler and Jungle changes. Bounty rewards updated. Various balance changes.
May 2
V8.9 New skins: Evelynn BloodMoonCircle Blood Moon Evelynn and Teemo BeemoCircle Beemo. Mana management changes for mage champions and items. LuxSquare Lux buff. Unsealed Spellbook rune Unsealed Spellbook rework. Various balance changes.
April 18
V8.8 New skins: Varus ConquerorCircle Conqueror Varus. Content Efficiency Tools Update part four. AhriSquare Ahri and LeBlancSquare LeBlanc update. VarusSquare Varus changes. Sweeping Lens item Sweeping Lens removed. Various balance changes.
April 4
V8.7 New skins: Rumble BadlandsBaronCircle Badlands Baron Rumble and Wukong LancerStratusCircle Lancer Stratus Wukong. Content Efficiency Tools Update part three. IreliaSquare Irelia full relaunch. Minion gold reward change. Spoils of War items nerf. Locket of the Iron Solari item Locket of the Iron Solari nerf. Manaflow Band rune Manaflow Band and Presence of Mind rune Presence of Mind rework. Various balance changes.
March 21
V8.6 2018 April Fools' Day skins. New ultimate skin: Miss Fortune GunGoddessCircle Gun Goddess Miss Fortune. Content Efficiency Tools Update part two. Return of One for All game mode. Returning item: Shurelya's Reverie item Shurelya's Reverie. New runes: Conqueror rune Conqueror and Chrysalis rune Chrysalis. Guinsoo's Rageblade item Guinsoo's Rageblade small rework. Duskblade of Draktharr item Duskblade of Draktharr nerf. QuinnSquare Quinn quality-of-life changes. Various balance changes.
March 7
V8.5 New skin: Illaoi ResistanceCircle Resistance Illaoi. Audio Engine Update part one. Champion's mastery level 6 and 7 BE cost reduced. New Open Parties. JhinSquare Jhin, SwainSquare Swain, and ZoeSquare Zoe buff. Cloud DrakeSquare Cloud Drake buff changes. Various balance changes.
February 22
V8.4 New skins: Jarvan IV DarkStarCircle Dark Star Jarvan IV and Swain DragonMasterCircle Dragon Master Swain. Ability power item update. New items: Murksphere item Oblivion Orb, Spellbinder item Spellbinder, and Twin Shadows item Twin Shadows. Removed item: Tracker's Knife item Tracker's Knife. ZoeSquare Zoe nerf. RengarSquare Rengar's Savagery Savagery revert. Inspiration icon Inspiration path nerf. Various balance changes.
February 7
V8.3 2018 Lunar Revel and 2018 Valentine's Day. SwainSquare Swain full relaunch. Cho'GathSquare Cho'Gath VFX update. Perfect Timing rune Perfect Timing and Magical Footwear rune Magical Footwear nerf. Various balance changes.
January 24
V8.2 New Gragas ArcticOpsCircle Arctic Ops Gragas skin. Miss FortuneSquare Miss Fortune new splash arts. Support item rework. Sightstone item Sightstone and Ruby Sightstone item Ruby Sightstone removed. Resolve keystone runes changes. Various balance changes.
January 10
V8.1 Beginning of Season Eight. Honor rewards rework. New skin: Jax GodStaffCircle God Staff Jax. GravesSquare Graves and SkarnerSquare Skarner buffs. HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger and KayleSquare Kayle nerfs. Resolve icon Trait: Resolve alongside Domination, Sorcery and Precision no longer only give health. Various balance changes.

Date Patch New Champion Other
December 14
V7.24b Post-V7.24 balance patch. Lethality and Giant Slayer items nerf. Sorcery icon Trait: Sorcery nerf. Various balance changes.
December 6
V7.24 Snowdown Showdown 2017 skins. New game mode: Snow Battle ARURF. Champion health bar update. MorganaSquare Morgana and ZyraSquare Zyra kit update. ZoeSquare Zoe bug fixing. Various balance changes.
November 21
V7.23 PROJECT 2017 skins. New game mode: OVERCHARGE, new map: Substructure 43. First win of the Day reward changed. Predator rune Predator buff. Summon Aery rune Summon Aery nerf. Lot of bug fixing. Various balance changes.
November 8
V7.22 Pre-Season Eight. Masteries and runes reworked into a new rune system. Compensation for previous purchases of old runes and rune pages. IP icon Influence Points removed and replaced by BE icon Blue Essence. Blue Essence Sale: new skin Warwick UrftheManateeCircle Urfwick. Summoner leveling cap removed. Champion's abilities damage and champion's stats changes to compensate old runes. Jungle experience balacing.