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Temple of Pallas

Pallas is a coastal settlement located in the northern part of Galrin island of Ionia. It was the sight of a prison for the Darkin known as Varus OriginalSquare Varus


Pallas map

Pallas Map

The ancient village Pallas was established upon the coastal shores. The inhabitants of this village have forgotten much of their long history, but their duty as custodians to the Temple of Pallas was never abandoned - until Noxus arrived.

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  • Pallas
  • Temple of Pallas 1
  • Temple of Pallas 2
  • Temple of Pallas: Aeons ago a gold-armored figure arrived upon the western shore of Ionia, bringing with her an insatiable device. Here she imprisoned a bow within a deep chasm and sealed it off using the natural magic from the Ionian landscape. The nearby settlement was tasked with maintaining the seals as what lurked inside was powerful enough to break its bonds and eventually be unleashed. Erecting a grand temple around the chasm, the villagers rarely wavered from this task, despite its purpose being entirely forgotten. Varus OriginalSquare Valmar and Kai sought refuge in the water-filled chasm when Noxian forces attacked Pallas, and the darkin Varus was released. Master Kobayashi Master Kobayashi was the Temples leader during the Battle of Pallas, where she was later slaughtered by Noxian soldiers.


  • In Varus OriginalSquare Varus' old lore, Pallas was a pit from where he obtained his powers.


Varus, the Arrow of Retribution - Login Screen

Varus, the Arrow of Retribution - Login Screen

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