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"Your company makes amazing smartphones. And you, I guess."
Pulsefire Ezreal Pulsefire Ezreal

PROJECT is the perfect fusion of one's supernatural essence with advanced weaponry and body augmentation. This linking of technology and energy allows extraordinary hosts to channel their essence into physical manifestations and, in rare cases, transcend the corporeal plane. Only subjects possessing extremely focused inner essence and exceptional physical attributes can unlock the true power of PROJECT.[1]

Among the mega-structures and packed streets of a future controlled by global corporations, a shadow war rages between rebellious, augmented humans, and newly empowered artificial beings. The winners will shape the course of history... and the losers will be forced to evolve.
  • Vi PROJECT Trace 12.png PROJECT: Vi PROJECT: Vi
    Street-smart, brash, and always bluntly honest, Vi is a Central detective working to keep law and order in the neon city. Toughened from her days as a lower sector enforcer, Vi keeps the peace with a pair ATLAS gauntlets, and a mean right hook.
  • Master Yi PROJECT Trace 1.png PROJECT: Yi PROJECT: Yi
    One of the first concepts, Yi was held by PROJECT for extensive experimentation, and then finally freed by the G/NETIC rebels. His psyche may still contain some glitches, but his experimental hyperlight “alpha” blade serves the resistance with its precision balance.
  • Leona PROJECT Trace 2.png PROJECT: Leona PROJECT: Leona
    A heavy armor combatant, Leona has seen the truth behind the neon light of PROJECT, and now stands with Ashe and the G/NETIC rebellion. She carries a mounted ion charge shield, capable of blocking and stunning targets with its variable energy yield output.
  • Lucian PROJECT Trace 3.png PROJECT: Lucian PROJECT: Lucian
    Chromaskins.png Chromas: Reckoning
    Once a sentinel within the Command Line, Lucian has seen PROJECT for what they truly are. His dual ion-core Lightcaster pistols now serve G/NETIC and the human rebellion, bringing down their technological oppressors with brutal efficiency.
  • Yasuo PROJECT Trace 4.png PROJECT: Yasuo PROJECT: Yasuo
    Yasuo returned from advanced combat only to be accused of a crime he did not commit. Knowing that PROJECT's corporate leadership was somehow involved, Yasuo fights with the G/NETIC rebels, cutting away the lies of technology with his plasma coated blade.
  • Fiora PROJECT Trace 6.png PROJECT: Fiora PROJECT: Fiora
    Chromaskins.png Chromas: Reckoning
    Augmented for speed, Fiora uses her zero-pulse sword to fight alongside Ashe and the other members of G/NETIC. The full-length energy blade allows for flawless attack precision and maximum repel strength, while the spatially controlled atomic tip coating is most suited for single-target combat.
  • Ashe PROJECT Trace 7.png PROJECT: Ashe PROJECT: Ashe
    While on the frontlines of a corporate war, Ashe witnessed the human cost of PROJECT's ambition. Now the leader of the resistance group G/NETIC, Ashe has set her sights on nothing less than the downfall of the most powerful corporations.
  • Ekko PROJECT Trace 8.png PROJECT: Ekko PROJECT: Ekko
    A hacker prodigy picked up from the lower sectors by Ashe, it didn't take much to convince Ekko to help her take down PROJECT. Using a powerful key decrypter and a mind tuned for disruption, Ekko can always find a way into the code.
PROJECT Command Line
  • Zed PROJECT Trace 5.png PROJECT: Zed PROJECT: Zed
    Chromaskins.png Chromas: Reckoning
    Rising from the Command Line, Zed is a leader within PROJECT's counter-espionage units. He seeks out the G/NETIC rebels with split high frequency blades and molecular “solid smoke” projectors, favoring close-proximity and multiple angle target laceration.
  • Katarina PROJECT Trace 9.png PROJECT: Katarina PROJECT: Katarina
    Once an ambitious lieutenant in the G/NETIC rebellion, Katarina returned to the Command Line after a confrontation with Ashe herself. Her hyper edge daggers now serve PROJECT once more, but those rebels who knew her still hold out hope that she fights for them from the inside.

  • Akali PROJECT Trace 13.png PROJECT: Akali PROJECT: Akali
    Chromaskins.png Chromas: Amethyst, Catseye, Obsidian, Pearl, Reckoning, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise
    A cutting-edge PROJECT subject who somehow escaped the City's boundaries, Akali brings dire warnings of an untested superweapon to those living in the wasteland beyond. With time running out and no other options, these outcasts join her in an attempt to take the mega-corporation down… suspicious that their newfound ally might in fact be a double agent.
  • Irelia PROJECT Trace 14A.png PROJECT: Irelia PROJECT: Irelia
    A PROJECT castoff who found sanctuary in the lawless wastes, Irelia has led other outcasts like her as they attempt to survive corporate assassins, murderous old-world technology, and widespread ecological collapse. Knowing Warwick could destroy everything she holds dear, she joins the attack on the City to end PROJECT once and for all.
    • Irelia Prestige PROJECT Trace 14B.png PROJECT: Irelia Prestige Edition PROJECT: Irelia Prestige Edition
      There are moments when Irelia and the other outcasts remember who they once were, before PROJECT exiled them into a wasteland filled with sand-blasted monuments to corporate greed. These memories are fleeting, the last flickering images of a long-compromised humanity.
  • Jinx PROJECT Trace 15.png PROJECT: Jinx PROJECT: Jinx
    Chromaskins.png Chromas: Aquamarine, Catseye, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Reckoning, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    Jinx volunteered for PROJECT conversion, never expecting that a critical power failure would scramble her memory core, leaving her a psychopath driven by the manic voices in her head. Seemingly obsessed with destruction for its own sake, she has begun to show signs of something far more sinister than mere memory fragmentation: the cold, calculating influence of Program.
  • Pyke PROJECT Trace 16.png PROJECT: Pyke PROJECT: Pyke
    Chromaskins.png Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Obsidian, Pearl, Reckoning, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Turquoise
    An early PROJECT prototype, Pyke's untested upgrades left him violently unstable—too much so for his handlers, who junked him and threw his remains outside the walls of the City. Yet his cybernetic brain survived, rebuilding Pyke with salvaged scrap parts from all around him, and now their fragmented, overlapping memories mix with his own as they scream out for revenge.
  • Warwick PROJECT Trace 17.png PROJECT: Warwick PROJECT: Warwick
    Chromaskins.png Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Meteorite, Obsidian, Reckoning, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Turquoise
    Plucked from the wastelands by a PROJECT research cell, Warwick has been irrevocably transformed into a horrifying new stage of transhuman evolution—a weaponized monster stripped of all remorse, and programmed solely for violent suppression. Through the meddling of the ragtag outsiders, he escaped before being completed, and now rampages indiscriminately across the City.
  • Jhin PROJECT Trace 10.png PROJECT: Jhin PROJECT: Jhin
    After a botched surgery, Jhin went from being a black-market augment hacker to a notorious mechanized killer for hire. Still programmed with a taste for high-clearance upgrades, the tech Jhin takes from his victims has left him with a severe personality fragmentation, and a dark vision for the future of PROJECT... and humanity.
  • Vayne PROJECT Trace 11.png PROJECT: Vayne PROJECT: Vayne
    Augmented with classified tech, Vayne was once a member of PROJECT's counter-espionage unit. After she was betrayed by the corporation she served, she now stalks the shadows as a vigilante, searching for ways to break PROJECT and the technology that haunts her soul.


"In order to become PROJECT you have to surrender your humanity. The technology takes over your soul."
Lisa 'Saiyaka' Thorn, Visual designer


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One Simple Rule

Of Rats and Cats and Neon Mice

The Hunt

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The Hunt


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A band of cybernetic castoffs plans to infiltrate The City to destroy the entity that created—and then abandoned—them: the PROJECT Corporation.

Return to the Stars


PROJECT: Reckoning loading screen cards could be crafted for 250 PROJECT 2019 Tokens (earned through Missions) and came with the corresponding Summoner Icon.

PROJECT: Hunters received exclusive loading screen cards, similar to the First Strike event.

First Strike event was 2.-16.8.2016 that introduced also PROJECT Crafting.[2] Crafting is similar to Hextech Crafting but using its own materials.

  • Your team earns 1 Sync point for each player with Optic Enhancer Wards and 2 points for each PROJECT skins.
    • 2 Sync Points - Your team's Champions and Minions now spawn into the game with a PROJECT animation.
    • 4 Sync Points - Your team's Melee and Caster minions have donned a PROJECT outfit.
    • 6 Sync Points - Your team's Siege and Cannon minions have donned a PROJECT outfit.
PROJECT First Strike
The PROJECT skins of 2015 were enabled in the store on 8-Sep-2015.
  • Purchasing one of the (new) PROJECT skins during the first week of release will permanently unlock exclusive loading screen cards. (Offer ends 15-Sep-2015 23:59 PDT).
    • Unlike other 1350 RP 1350 skins, PROJECT Fiora, Leona, Lucian and Zed will not go on sale at 975 RP 975 for the first week of their release.
  • The Fiora, Leona, Lucian and Zed skins will go on sale for 975 RP 975 for the third week of their release: September 17 00:01 to 24-Sep-2015 23:59.


  • The PROJECT City was built.
  • Many corporations started throwing failed robots outside of the city, creating the wasteland around the city.
The first PROJECTS and the creation of the wastelands.
  • A corporation announces a project of upgrading humans.
  • PROJECT: Pyke PROJECT: Pyke gained untested upgrades and became unstable. His handlers toss him outside the city.
    • PROJECT: Pyke PROJECT: Pyke brains survived with severe damage. He rebuilds himself with scraps found in the wasteland. With a broken memory, he started to get damaged by the memory comes with each scrap.
  • The city started to hide the wasteland away from the citizens. Most of the residents had not know of the existence of an outside world since.
  • PROJECT: Yi PROJECT: Yi were built. He were then kept for further experimentations.
  • Many humans were augmented by PROJECT. This includes PROJECT: Fiora PROJECT: Fiora, PROJECT: Leona PROJECT: Leona, PROJECT: Lucian PROJECT: Lucian, PROJECT: Yasuo PROJECT: Yasuo and PROJECT: Zed PROJECT: Zed.
  • PROJECT Command Line team was built. The team includes PROJECT: Lucian PROJECT: Lucian, PROJECT: Katarina PROJECT: Katarina, PROJECT: Yasuo PROJECT: Yasuo and PROJECT: Zed PROJECT: Zed.
  • Black markets appeared, selling augmented parts. People started to upgrade themselves without the corporation interfere.
G/NETIC Revolution
Crimes, Espionage and Vigilantes
  • With the rising of PROJECT humans and robots, hackers started to appear. This includes Original Ekko Original Ekko, Original Jhin Original Jhin. In the wasteland, PROJECT: Pyke PROJECT: Pyke started to learn hacking.
  • PROJECT: Ashe PROJECT: Ashe asked PROJECT: Ekko PROJECT: Ekko to join the G/NETIC. PROJECT: Ekko PROJECT: Ekko worked in the backline, let the team in and out by interfering with the code.
  • After a botched surgery, Jhin went from being a black-market augmented hacker to a notorious mechanized killer for hire. Similar to PROJECT: Pyke PROJECT: Pyke, PROJECT: Jhin PROJECT: Jhin personality got severe fragmented.
  • Espionages started to appear within the PROJECT corporation. A PROJECT's counter espionage unit were established, with PROJECT: Vayne PROJECT: Vayne as one of its members.
    • PROJECT: Vayne PROJECT: Vayne got betrayed. She left the corporation and became a vigilante.
  • More and more robots got broken and sent to the wasteland.
  • PROJECT: Irelia PROJECT: Irelia went to the wasteland to help other outcasts.
  • PROJECT: Akali PROJECT: Akali joined the PROJECT Command Line, with the newest upgrades.
  • A new superweapon project, WARWICK, started. An augmented human from the wastelands got kidnapped by the PROJECT. He got further experiments and transformed into PROJECT: Warwick PROJECT: Warwick.
  • PROJECT: Akali PROJECT: Akali were sent to the wasteland to deal with the outsiders. She announced the WARWICK project to them.
  • PROJECT: Irelia PROJECT: Irelia, PROJECT: Jinx PROJECT: Jinx, PROJECT: Pyke PROJECT: Pyke helped PROJECT: Akali PROJECT: Akali to destroy PROJECT: Warwick PROJECT: Warwick.
  • The event of Outsiders happened. The PROJECT Corporations sent robots to destroy the group. The plan failed.
  • The outsiders reached within the city walls. The city residents realized the outside world.
  • The outsider damage the WARWICK Project.
    • PROJECT: Warwick PROJECT: Warwick were not completed. Escaped, he now rampages indiscriminately across the city.
Programs' Rebellion
At some point in the future, the Programs will start demanding Robot Rights and later try to enslave humanity.



PROJECT Reckoning - Login Screen

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