Among the mega-structures and packed streets of a future controlled by global corporations, a shadow war rages between rebellious, augmented humans, and newly empowered artificially beings. The winners will shape the course of history... and the losers will be forced to evolve.
PROJECT Initiates

Master Yi PROJECT Trace 1 Trace 1 - Master Yi PROJECTYiCircle PROJECT: Yi

  • One of the first concepts, Yi was held by PROJECT for extensive experimentation, and then finally freed by the G/NETIC rebels. His psyche may still contain some glitches, but his experimental hyperlight “alpha” blade serves the resistance with its precision blade.

Leona PROJECT Trace 2 Trace 2 - Leona PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Leona

  • A heavy armor combatant, Leona has seen the truth behind the neon light of PROJECT, and now stands with Ashe and the G/NETIC rebellion. She carries a mounted ion charge shield, capable of blocking and stunning targets with its variable energy yield output.

Lucian PROJECT Trace 3 Trace 3 - Lucian PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Lucian

  • Once a sentinel within the Command Line, Lucian has seen PROJECT for what they truly are. His dual ion-core Lightcaster pistols now serve G/NETIC and the human rebellion, bringing down their technological oppressors with brutal efficiency.

Yasuo PROJECT Trace 4 Trace 4 - Yasuo PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Yasuo

  • Yasuo returned from advanced combat only to be accused of a crime he did not commit. Knowing that PROJECT’s corporate leadership was somehow involved, Yasuo fights with the G/NETIC rebels, cutting away the lies of technology with his plasma coated blade.

Zed PROJECT Trace 5 Trace 5 - Zed PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Zed

  • Rising from the Command Line, Zed is a leader within PROJECT's counter-espionage units. He seeks out the G/NETIC rebels with split high frequency blades and molecular "solid smoke" projectors, favoring close-proximity and multiple angle target laceration.

Fiora PROJECT Trace 6 Trace 6 - Fiora PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Fiora

  • Augmented for speed, Fiora uses her zero-pulse sword to fight alongside Ashe and the other members of G/NETIC. The full-length energy blade allows for flawless attack precision and maximum repel strength, while the spatially controlled atomic tip coating is the most suited for single-target combat.

Ashe PROJECT Trace 7 Trace 7 - Ashe PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Ashe

  • While on the frontlines of a corporate war, Ashe witnessed the human cost of PROJECT’s ambition. Now the leader of the resistance group G/NETIC, Ashe has set her sights on nothing less than the downfall of the most powerful corporations.

Ekko PROJECT Trace 8 Trace 8 - Ekko PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Ekko

  • A hacked prodigy picked up from the lower sectors by Ashe, it didn’t take much to convince Ekko to help her take down PROJECT. Using a powerful key decrypter and a mind tuned for disruption, Ekko can always find a way into the code.

Katarina PROJECT Trace 9 Trace 9 - Katarina PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Katarina

  • Once an ambitious lieutenant in the G/NETIC rebellion, Katarina returned to the Command Line after a confrontation with Ashe herself. Her hyper edge daggers now serve PROJECT once more, but those rebels who knew her still hold out hope that she fights for them from the inside.

Jhin PROJECT Trace 10 Trace 10 - Jhin PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Jhin

  • After a botched surgery, Jhin went from being a black-market augmented hacker to a notorious mechanized killer for hire. Still programmed with a taste for high-clearance upgrades, the tech Jhin takes from his victims has left him with a severe personality fragmentation, and a dark vision for the future of PROJECT… and humanity.

Vayne PROJECT Trace 11 Trace 11 - Vayne PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Vayne

  • Augmented with classified tech, Vayne was once a member of PROJECT's counter espionage unit. After she was betrayed by the corporation she served, she now stalks the shadows as a vigilante, searching for ways to break PROJECT and the technology that haunts her soul.

Vi PROJECT Trace 12 Trace 12 - Vi PROJECTCircle PROJECT: Vi

  • Street-smart, brash and always bluntly honest, Vi is a Central detective working to keep law and order in the neon city. Toughened from her days as a lower sector enforcer, Vi keeps the peace with a pair of ATLAS gauntlets, and a mean right hook.



PROJECT Initiative mainframe

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Of Rats and Cats and Neon Mice

PROJECT Of Rats and Cats and Neon Mice

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Short Story

Of Rats and Cats and Neon Mice

By Ariel Lawrence

The Hunt

PROJECT 2017 concept 03

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The Hunt


PROJECT: Hunters received exclusive loading screen cards, similar to the First Strike event.

First Strike event was 2.-16.8.2016 that introduced also PROJECT Crafting.[1] Crafting is similar to Hextech Crafting but using its own materials.

  • Your team earns 1 Sync point for each player with Optic Enhancer Wards and 2 points for each PROJECT skins.
    • 2 Sync Points - Your team's Champions and Minions now spawn into the game with a PROJECT animation.
    • 4 Sync Points - Your team's Melee and Caster minions have donned a PROJECT outfit.
    • 6 Sync Points - Your team's Siege and Cannon minions have donned a PROJECT outfit.
PROJECT First Strike
The PROJECT skins of 2015 were enabled in the store on 8-Sep-2015.
  • Purchasing one of the (new) PROJECT skins during the first week of release will permanently unlock exclusive loading screen cards. (Offer ends 15-Sep-2015 23:59 PDT).
    • Unlike other RP icon 1350 skins, PROJECT Fiora, Leona, Lucian and Zed will not go on sale at RP icon 975 for the first week of their release.
  • The Fiora, Leona, Lucian and Zed skins will go on sale for RP icon 975 for the third week of their release: September 17 00:01 to 24-Sep-2015 23:59.



League of Legends Music- PROJECT HUNTERS

League of Legends Music- PROJECT HUNTERS

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PROJECT: Ashe Theme

The Hunt PROJECT Hunters Animated Trailer - League of Legends

The Hunt PROJECT Hunters Animated Trailer - League of Legends

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