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"Healing is, by its very essence, selfless. You need not draw the power from them; they give it willingly. Show them compassion, and you will see how they shine. What you give of yourself to help others will be returned to you a hundredfold. This is the power of giving. Generosity is a gift that heals the giver as well, in mind, body, and spirit."
Soraka Soraka, LoR Champion Indicator.png3LoR flavor text

The Ottrani are a landwalker sub-species and tribe of vastaya that live in the Astral Grove of Targon.


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  • Soraka Soraka took the physical form of an Ottrani vastaya and guides with healing magic.


Ottrani, just like many vastaya, have their physical appearance take inspiration from many types of animals. The appearance can go from human-like to animal-like with mountain goat, leopard, zebra, and horse features. Human-like ottrani have bare skin that ranges from purple to blue with stripes and markings. Equally, the animal-like ottrani have hair (or fur) with a similar color range. All ottrani have hooves for feet, with some ottrani also sporting horns and tails.

The ottrani have noticeable sexual dimorphism, with males being larger and more muscular while females having a more slender body shape. Most extreme animal-like examples of the ottrani have be seen with males, while females tend to be more human-like. Horns, while not exclusive to ether sex, are more predominant on the males, with some able to grow large curled down horns.


"Up to the sacred falling flow,
Deep into pools, the healing springs
Shining light, water all aglow,
Listen to how the river sings,
High on the crystal mountain."
— Ottrani verse, LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png2 Star Spring

The Ottrani tribe, just like the Marai, traveled from Ionia to settle the southwestern areas of the Shuriman Continent. They would settle on the upper slopes of Mount Targon, where they would later encounter a benevolent celestial known as Soraka Soraka that would greatly influence their culture and practices.

The ottrani would specialize in healing magic, as well as shepherding stellacorns, alicorn creatures that fall from the celestial realm. They would aid them until maturity when they would return them back to the celestial realm.

Some ottrani would aid and guide climbers, helping them on their journey climbing the peak. They would also be aided in this task by other species, such as humans and minotaur alike.



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