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See also: Runeterra LoR Region.png Runeterra.

LoR Spell Non-Slow Indicator.png The Virtuoso, an Origin card.

LoR Champion Indicator.png4Jhin, a Unit card.png unit that creates an Origin.

Origin is a card type in Legends of Runeterra icon.png Legends of Runeterra.

EditCollectable cards from Runeterra LoR Region.png Runeterra have a specified unique Origin card (or 'Origin') associated with them. Each distinct card in the deck with an Origin counts as one of the deck's Runeterra region.png regions. The Origin of these cards allows specific cards to be added to the deck regardless of their region.

Origins can also have an effect that is active from the start of the game and throughout, if there is a card with them in the deck at the start of the game


  • Only Champion card.png Champions can have an Origin.
  • Origins allow Champions that do not belong to just one region of Runeterra or not belonging to any represented by the Runeterra region.png regions in the game to exist in Legends of Runeterra, while having unique deckbuilding constraints.
    • This is not a hard rule, and partly exists for unique gameplay purposes - for example, LoR Champion Indicator.png7Malphite does not have an Origin and is not from the Runeterra LoR Region.png Runeterra region, despite not being from any of the regions represented in the game (originating from Ixtal Crest icon.png Ixtal), and having been to multiple of them canonically.

List of Origin cards

NameTypeSubtypeRegion(s)LoR mana icon.pngLoR Power.pngLoR Health.pngRarity
The Wandering CaretakerOriginRuneterra LoR Region.png Runeterra
The VirtuosoOriginRuneterra LoR Region.png Runeterra

List of cards generating Origin cards

NameTypeSubtypeRegion(s)LoR mana icon.pngLoR Power.pngLoR Health.pngRarity
BardUnitRuneterra LoR Region.png Runeterra425LoR Champion icon.png
JhinUnitRuneterra LoR Region.png Runeterra444LoR Champion icon.png