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Karma OrderoftheLotusSkin

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Order of the Lotus

By Jared Rosen

Order of the Lotus is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in an alternate Ionia, each champion is an Order of the Lotus member.


Ezreal 173
"Not really big on reincarnation. I prefer staying alive the first time."
Ezreal PulsefireCircle Pulsefire Ezreal
Lotus Order
  • Irelia OrderoftheLotusCircle Order of the Lotus Irelia
    A chance encounter with the Order of the Lotus changed Irelia's life forever, as she opened her mind to the cosmic cycles of death and rebirth over many human lifetimes. She is still a fierce warrior, but now fights knowing her soul can never truly die.
  • Karma OrderoftheLotusCircle Order of the Lotus Karma


ARAM-ARAMA: The Roadtrip


  • In the main canon, lotuses are associated with enlightenment in Ionia Crest icon Ionia.
  • This theme shares some visual similarities with the Immortal Journey skin theme.



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