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Short Story

Orchid's Bloom

By Michael Yichao

Jing breathed deep.


This story is from Realms of Runeterra. The whole story is featured in the physical book. Due to legal reasons, only the story summary can be added on this page.


Jing, a blind Ionian elder, is taking care of her teahouse, when a lone traveler lone traveler visits her. It is still early in the season, so she is surprised but asks him in. The traveler has something familiar to him, but Jing doesn’t remember how she knows him. When preparing his tea, the old woman follows her intuition and chooses the white Xaolan tea over the traditional blend, which is favored by the villages in this part of Ionia. The traveler recognizes this. She also decides to serve him kiwa, because of his dark and serious responses.

When Jing returns with the prepared kiwa fruit, there are a few other customers in the teahouse. They make a show of their loud voices and the clatter of their weapons. Jing however is unimpressed and serves the traveler first, only turning to the new group after he asserted he doesn’t need anything else. Disappointed in the lack of other, stronger, beverages, they order tea and she heads for the back room. Once she returns with the tea, they try to trip her so she spills the tea, then demand a free pot because she spilled tea on them. The traveler, who had been still until this point, intervenes. The leader of the group threatens him and wants him to go, and Jing jokes that this will ensure that he stays, even though she too wants him to leave.

The leader announces that they just changed their plans and try to abduct the old lady. Yet somehow she is incredibly hard to move, as if she was frozen in place. The bandits keep trying to get her to move, but Jing focuses her spiritual magic and remains immovable. In the end they order to cut her legs, since they want her “alive, not well”. This is where the traveler dashes dashes toward the group to defend her, and a fight ensues. Jing joins with a counterstrike from her staff around her, knocking down the attackers. They fight defensively for some time, and Jing congratulates the traveler on his swift footwork and skill with the blade. He returns the compliment and also notes that he might have to hurt or kill someone soon, an obfuscated threat toward the gang. The leader announces that she will kill him first, then take Jing, and starts using magic. Jing peers into the Spirit Realm, which reveals the magic of the assailants and the traveling swordsman. She notices that the group is using her stance, her technique, and everything falls into place: They were sent by her son, Bao Lan, to capture her.

Due to the group using her frost technique, every blow freezes the weapons of the two defenders and slows them. Jing decides that she has to end it now, and channels her power to freeze everything around her. It seems like this stopped the fight, but the leader manages to free herself from the ice. She wounds Jing before the whirlwind whirlwind from the traveler is able to stop her.

Jing finally recognizes Yasuo, who blames himself for her wound, and lets her know that he still blames himself for the death of Elder Souma and his brother his brother. He offers to help with cleaning up the teahouse, but Jing says that it is her responsibility. Just as Yasuo would feel responsible for the actions of his pupil his pupil, she feels responsible for the actions of her son. In the end, he leaves while Jing understands that she will have to deal with her son in the future, just as Yasuo has to deal with his guilt.


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  • The story was read by Michael Yichao during the narrative stream of the 10th anniversary of League of Legends, making it the first (and only) story from the book to be officially revealed.

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