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By Jared Rosen, Michael Luo

Odyssey is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in the vastness of the cosmos, each of the champions represent influential individuals of a vast galactic civilization.


Odyssey logo 01

The Universe Needs Heroes.
Ezreal 203
Ezreal PulsefireCircle Pulsefire Ezreal

From the heavily urbanized coreworlds to the outermost edge of the galaxy, adventure awaits!

The great Demaxian Empire has laid claim to almost every inhabited system, ignoring the objections of the ancient Templar Order and the criminal Syndicate alike, in pursuit of the wondrous bounty of ora. This mysterious golden essence—drawn from the vast, majestic creatures that patrol the stars—is the lifeblood of all civilization, but also promises untold power to those who can wield it for themselves…

Morning Star Crew
  • Jinx OdysseyCircle Odyssey Jinx
    Chromaskins Chromas: Aquamarine, Emerald, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Tanzanite
    Adept at building and/or destroying (but mostly destroying) a variety of haphazard, highly unstable weaponry for the Morning Star crew, Jinx also serves as the ship's pilot. Her previous job as a mining explosives technician resulted in a lot of collateral damage, and a thoroughly justified dismissal.
  • Malphite OdysseyCircle Odyssey Malphite
    Chromaskins Chromas: Emerald, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite
    Malphite was once the pit boss of a deep space mining operation, until Jinx cracked the asteroid in half and got them both fired. His enduring loyalty to someone who is very obviously a psychopath has landed him in all kinds of danger across the galaxy, but he honestly doesn't seem to mind.
  • Sona OdysseyCircle Odyssey Sona
    Chromaskins Chromas: Aquamarine, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Tanzanite
    Once member of the Templar Order, Sona was born with the ability to commune directly with ora, and the creatures from which it is harvested. More recently, she has sought out Yasuo, troubled captain of the Morning Star, and joined his ragtag crew—hoping to avert a disaster that could destroy the entire galaxy.
  • Yasuo OdysseyCircle Odyssey Yasuo
    Chromaskins Chromas: Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite
    Yasuo never wanted to be a space pirate… until he was framed for his brother's murder, and had to flee his life of relative luxury. Now on the run from a dozen different military and paramilitary factions, he's putting together an eccentric crew to make a new life among the stars.
Demaxian Empire
  • Kayn OdysseyCircle Odyssey Kayn
    As an honored Ordinal of the Demaxian Empire, Kayn relentlessly hounds the crew of the Morning Star, hoping to recapture Sona and learn the secrets of the legendary Ora Gate. He bickers constantly with his sentient alien scythe, Rhaast, whose own motivations are far more dire than Kayn could ever realize…
  • Zed GalaxySlayerCircle Galaxy Slayer Zed
    Zed was a promising Templar before he became host to the hivemind of ora and imbued with its alien essence. Able to morph his body into living weapons, he now sees himself as the perfect life form, deserving of all ora and destined to cleanse the galaxy of the weak.
  • Ziggs OdysseyCircle Odyssey Ziggs
    Chromaskins Chromas: Aquamarine, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    A disgraced engineer best known for rapid advances in ora mining technology, Ziggs lost everything when a young technician and her hulking manager “accidentally” rigged one of his devices to explode ahead of schedule. Bitter and manic, he now travels between ora hotspots in a mad gamble to regain his former prestige.

Yasuo, the Morning Star Captain
Yasuo Odyssey Render logo
Blood Type Hobby
Awesome Reading stupid romance novels
Girlfriend Shoulder lizard status
Rumored to exist, probably quite angry by now Adorable


Yasuo was born into a life of luxury among the superstructures and gleaming lights of the largest metropolis in the coreworlds. Handsome, talented, and wanting for literally nothing, he loaned out his services as a premier bodyguard of celebrities and imperial dignitaries, spending his nights in a drunken haze as he aimlessly wandered from high-end nightclub to high-end nightclub. He probably would have lived his entire life without a care in the world… had he not been framed for his brother's gruesome murder.

As dozens of Demaxian enforcers and rogue agents closed in on his location, Yasuo picked up a couple of down-and-out lunatics at a local bar, hijacked a ship, and ran.

He's been running ever since. Not bad for a man whose only real problem used to be putting on pants for the day.

Yasuo barely qualifies as a captain, much less a capable human being receptive to the needs of others. But he fights well, and unbeknownst to anyone but Sona, holds the key to avenging his brother, opening the legendary Ora Gate, and saving the universe from destruction. Maybe it's not the destiny he deserves, but it's one that, sooner or later, he'll have to come to terms with.

Song And Space Lizard

Odyssey Yasuo Badge

Yasuo's blade is called Song, and not for any particular reason. Yasuo thought it sounded cool, so that's what he went with. It's not even an heirloom or anything. He bought it at the store.

However, the needs of rich and famous celebrities demand a certain degree of flashiness that a regular old laser-sword just can't muster—and now the blade is so heavily augmented with ora that it barely resembles its original model. Capable of creating pure energy barriers and bolts of plasma, Song is a powerful weapon even in unskilled hands. And Yasuo is exceptionally skilled.

Perched on his shoulder, meanwhile, is Space Lizard. The crew of the Morning Star hasn't given it a proper name, and probably never will, since it's just some exotic species of reptile stolen from a maximum-security nature reserve, to be flipped for a tidy profit. But it can blow bubbles, and Yasuo secretly loves that.

Jinx, the Morning Star Pilot
Jinx Odyssey Render logo
Blood Type Hobby
Excitable Brushes with certain death
Best Buddy Weird Secret Crush
Malphite Ordinal Kayn. I know, right?


Adept at building and/or destroying (but mostly destroying) an array of haphazard, highly unstable weapons for the Morning Star crew, Jinx pilots the ship into an endless barrage of extremely dangerous misadventures. It is unclear why Yasuo hired her, beyond rumors of a 48-hour long bender in the formerly un-destroyed spinward quadrant of the Ludum Nebula. The two have been staunch allies ever since.

Consistently excitable and deeply unstable, Jinx counts among her former employers a series of asteroid miners and military gear manufacturers, most of whom present severe symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder whenever her name is mentioned. She enjoys crash landing on hostile worlds for fun, “accidentally” obliterating moons with the Morning Star's main cannon, and definitely not being obsessed with Ordinal Kayn, a man who is actively attempting to kill the whole crew.

She considers Malphite her best friend in the universe… mostly because she got him fired, but also because he can punch things really, really hard.

Jinx's Arsenal

Odyssey Jinx Badge

Jinx carries enough weapons at any given time to lay siege to a small-to-medium Demaxian battle fortress. Of note are Fishbones, a rocket launcher who seems genuinely concerned for its owner's wellbeing; Pow-Pow, a minigun who revels in death and destruction; Zappy, a bio-organic lightning projector so poorly constructed that it could explode at any moment; the Flame Chompers, which are curiously sculpted in the likeness of Malphite's head; and the Super Mega Death Comet, an interstellar portal lifted from one of Jinx's old mining jobs, bringing mineral-rich planetoids right to an opponent's face. Boom!

Of course, none of them can actually talk, or present personalities. They are inanimate.

Weapons are inanimate.

Ziggs, the Disgraced Entrepreneur
Ziggs Odyssey Render logo
Blood Type Hobby
Highly combustable Bitterness and rage
Capitalism Angry at
Everything Late-Stage


A disgraced engineer previously known for revolutionary advances in ora mining, Ziggs lost everything when a young recruit and her hulking manager “accidentally” rigged one of his devices to explode, vaporizing half—

Look, you weren't there, okay? Enough with the attitude. Just let me tell you all about Ziggs for a second. It won't take long, he's pretty short.

He made a fortune in his younger years, as one of the foremost experts on ora extraction, refinement, and weapon modding—so much that it all immediately went to his head, as fame tends to do. Developing even more efficient methods of extraction as he bounced between contracts, Ziggs was on the cusp of a major breakthrough before his world came tumbling down.

Or rather, his moon did.

Basically, the planetoid he was working on exploded in a fiery blast that vaporized hundreds of trillions of credits worth of crystallized ora. The diminutive engineer was instantly blamed, his credits and assets were seized, and he vanished in a barely-spaceworthy mining vessel with nothing but the bombs on his back and a chip on his shoulder. He hasn't been seen in any respectable planetary system since.

Bitter and manic, he now slings between ora hotspots out on the galactic edge, in a mad gamble to regain his former prestige… hoping against hope that he never, ever, under any circumstances, encounters the recruit and her manager again. Heh.

Patented Explosive Compounds

Harnessing the sometimes highly volatile nature of ora, Zigg's uniquely blended explosives deliver a massively destructive but focused payload to any target, making them perfect for mining operations. The advancement was a corporate miracle at the time, but copycat Syndicate weaponeers soon emerged with cheaper, less dangerous alternatives that Ziggs didn't approve of. Never one to be outdone by a rival, he's jury-rigged even more unstable modifications to the original devices in the hopes that he'll “show them all, hee hee hee…” [sic]

Dozens of viscous, highly toxic chemical compounds harvested from creatures and locales across the galaxy swirl dangerously inside any Ziggs-developed explosive, and even the slightest tap could set the whole cluster off at once. He seems basically fine with this, and the gigantic demolition charge strapped to his back also serves as a warning to any roving space pirates trying to muscle in on his action.

You blow up Ziggs, Ziggs blows up you. Fair trade.

Sona, the Templar in Hiding
Sona Odyssey Render logo
Blood Type Hobby
I don't know. Magic? Not talking.
Occupation The Beat
Moon Wizard! Confirmed can drop it


One of the mysterious Templars, Sona has a curious affinity with ora—the divine, golden lifeblood of all civilization. She was the most gifted child born to her order in a generation, with the rare ability to commune directly with the ora-producing megafauna that drift peacefully through the cold depths of space. Warned by them in strange, apocalyptic visions, Sona traveled with two other Templars and their followers to the edgeworld of Ionan. An ageless creature not of this universe waited there for the day it could free itself, and begin its dark work…

Unfortunately, they were pursued by slingtroopers from the Demaxian Empire, and Sona only survived the ensuing firefight by hiding among her disheveled militia fighters as they were taken prisoner. Ordinal Shieda Kayn, clearly under the influence of the insidious creature Rhaast, ordered them to be taken to the Locus Armada for questioning. Sona was able to escape his clutches, but at great cost—the man who helped her escape, Yone, was murdered by Kayn himself.

With nowhere else to turn, she sought out Yone's troubled younger brother Yasuo, and joined his ragtag crew aboard the Morning Star, hoping to avert the as-yet unknown disaster that will apparently destroy all of creation.

After watching Jinx's recruitment video, she's still at least, like, 85% sure that saving the universe is actually the right decision.

The Ora

Odyssey Sona Badge

Sona is able to commune with ora and, in so doing, use it as a weapon, shield, and personal confidant. It tells her secrets (probably), gossips about all the latest Templar drama (possibly), and sometimes the two of them cut giant robots in half with liquid, golden energy.

More importantly, Sona does not utilize ora the same way most sentient beings do. She doesn't have to implant herselt with augments or undergo expensive body modifications with potentially hazardous technology—she just asks her little, shiny ball for favors, and it performs them. It's a miracle of modern… well, not science. Something like science, but better.

Malphite, the Morning Star Engineer

Malphite, the Morning Star Engineer
Malphite Odyssey Render logo
Blood Type Hobby
Unknown Xenotype Building cute little ships in bottles
Best Buddy Always wanted to be
Jinx A Doctor


Malphite was once the pit boss of a deep space mining operation, until Jinx cracked the asteroid in half and got them both fired.

He always dreamed of going into internal medicine, in one of the universe's premier healthcare facilities. But with medical school prohibitively expensive, Malphite turned to mining work, banking half of every paycheck to help pave the way for his dream to become reality… until Jinx was assigned to his team. For whatever reason, the two developed a deep friendship, even though all of his money went into repairing the equipment that she kept destroying.

Having landed on the Morning Star as a matter of proximity (wherever Jinx goes, Malphite follows) he has developed something of an inability to control his emotional outbursts. He talks slowly, walks slowly, and only ever seems to perk up for a fight, a crime, or a crime that involves fighting.

His incredible loyalty to someone-who-is-very-obviously-a-psychopath has landed him in countless running battles across the galaxy, but he doesn't seem to mind. His alien biology has granted him a rock-hard carapace and big punchy fists, and you can go far in life with big punchy fists.

Also Malphite

Odyssey Malphite Badge

Malphite can withstand a tremendous amount of damage, regrowing armored plates on both his skin and the VERY stylish technological cowl he wears. Former opponents will describe him as “really very dumb” and “incredibly hard to kill”, in that order, but most fail to realize the real danger Malphite poses. Surrounded by a ragtag team of idiots, robbed of his life's original purpose, and entirely responsible for his own predicament, he will gladly throw his sizeable mass into anyone or anything that so much as glances at him wrong.

And once Malphite gets going, there is nothing in this universe that can stop him.

Kayn, the High Ordinal of The Demaxian Empire
Kayn Odyssey Render logo
Blood Type Hobby
Mostly ora by now, probably Audacity
Favorite Karaoke Song Evil Monster Scythe
Oh My God [Feat. Ahri] Yes indeedy


A supremely confident military tactician in the Locus Armada, Shieda Kayn has ascended to become one of the Ordinals of the Demaxian Empire, carrying out the will of Emperor Jarvan IV himself. Kayn has become obsessed with harnessing as much raw ora as he can within his body, even though such things are forbidden—following the silent whispers of a strange, esoteric power, he believes this process will turn him into an invincible, immortal being.

He is wrong.

Even so, Kayn has learned that he needs Sona, one of the few individuals in the galaxy who can guide him toward fully unlocking his latent powers through the mythical, poorly understood artifact known as the Ora Gate.

Though he was once fiercely loyal to his emperor, Kayn has become obsessed with his personal hunt for the Morning Star, and will not hesitate to kill any who cross his path. He is charismatic, charming, nonchalant—a well-spoken man who appreciates the grandeur and spectacle of his own violence—and someone who enjoys the thought of being the greatest threat the universe has ever known.

Little does he know, the actual greatest threat the universe has ever known is resting comfortably in his left hand.


Odyssey Kayn Badge

Presenting himself as the 'voice' of the ubiquitous organic fuel known as ora, Rhaast is a bloodthirsty monstrosity sealed inside an ancient, alien scythe. Unlike Kayn, he does not particularly care about spectacle or showmanship—he mainly just likes to kill things. In this way, the two share an uneasy alliance, with Kayn wanting to harvest as much ora as possible, and Rhaast wanting to snuff out as much life from the universe as he can. Understandably, the two bicker often.

Bound for untold eons in various planetary backwaters, Rhaast has had plenty of time to consider his own masters' true plans for the universe, beyond all the indiscriminate murder, and he doesn't mind holding off on them for now... or at least, for a little while longer. After all, you've got to treat yourself from time to time.

Zed, the Galaxy Slayer
Zed Galaxy Slayer render logo
Blood Type Hobby
Ora, but edgier Talking to himself
Clones Has contempt for
So many clones The weak


Raised by the Templar Order, Zed dedicated himself to all its teachings at a young age. He learned every fundamental truth, and passed every harsh trial, until the day he stood proudly before his masters, and was anointed into their ranks. Only then was Zed given what was to be his final and greatest test: to seek out and protect one of the legendary megafauna—a truly ancient creature, worshipped as a god by many among the edgeworlds.

It was a test he would fail… in a manner of speaking.

An expedition of Demaxian troopers ambushed the young Templar, seeking to harvest the creature's ora for themselves. Unwilling to let such power fall into the hands of non-believers, Zed killed it before their eyes, an act defying every tenet of the Templar faith. In an explosion of cosmic energy, the ora consumed him in body and mind.

Ever since, Zed has seen himself—or rather, themselves—as the most perfect expression of all life. With the interdimensional whispers of ora guiding him across deep space, he has become a monstrous entity, capable of swift and deadly destruction.

All other living beings are but distractions from his new vision of harmony—a galaxy cleansed of the weak and undeserving.

I mean, it's a solid gig. If you can get it.

Ora Suit

Zed is infused with ora in its purest form. It writhes across his skin, transforming his limbs and crafting living weapons—from shimmering blades to wicked throwing stars, and countless other objects with keen, aggressive edges.

With enough willpower, he can even summon autonomous clones of himself from the ora. These confuse and distract his enemies, making them question their own senses, or forcing them to defend from multiple directions at once.

But above all, the clones offer Zed a familiar face when he finds himself dining alone.

What? That's totally something Zed should consider. He seems lonely.


The Lure

Odyssey The Lure

Runeterra Crest icon

Short Story

The Lure

By Dan Abnett

Ordinal Shieda Kayn slings out to the unremarkable edgeworld of Ionan, hot on the trail of a band of millitant Templars. These enemies of the state were clearly looking for something important...but what?

Welcome Aboard

Odyssey Welcome Aboard

Runeterra Crest icon


Welcome Aboard

Consider this your invite to join the greatest crew in the galaxy.


Odyssey logo 03
Odyssey logo 02
  • This skin theme was heavily inspired by Borderlands and Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Ora is fuel for billions of civilizations. It can be harvested from peaceful space whales who don't fight back.
    • Ora augmentation is an extremely common practice.
  • Odyssey Veteran profileicon Odyssey has multiple connections with other alternate universes.
    • It is connected to the Galaxies 2020 profileicon Event Horizon universe at the Ora Gate.[1]
      • The legendary Ora Gate is said to grant untold power to whoever can control it.
        • An ancient civilization once opened the Ora Gate. They're all dead now, so it probably went well.
        • Rhaast OdysseyCircle Dark Star Rhaast, an outcast among the Dark Star corruptants , entered the Odyssey universe through the gate, but somehow got trapped inside a scythe during the process. Kayn OdysseyCircle Odyssey Kayn later obtained the scythe.
          • Rhaast is bent on opening the Ora Gate again to allow other Dark Star corruptants to enter the Odyssey Universe and destroy it before visiting other universes like the Star Guardian profileicon Star Guardian. His malicious intention is unknown to Kayn.
        • As noted by Jhin DarkCosmicCircle Dark Cosmic Jhin in-game quote when killing an Odyssey skin  alttext=Original skin "You opened that... gate? Excellent. I could use a change of scenery you know.", the gate may have been opened again, likely by the crew of the Morning Star.
      • The celestials of the Event Horizon are connected with the Ora in some way, as noted by Zed GalaxySlayerCircle Zed's quotes  
        Zed GalaxySlayer EnemyFirstEncounterCosmic 1 1
        "This pain urges us to kill you though we do not know why." and  
        Zed GalaxySlayer EnemyFirstEncounterCosmic 0
        "You intend to destroy us. A grave mistake."
      • After killing Sona OdysseyCircle Odyssey Sona in-game, Jhin DarkCosmicCircle Dark Cosmic Jhin says  alttext=Original skin "I liked your forebears,Sona. They're all dead but they had excellent taste." This implies he may have interacted with the Templar Order in the past. Sona OdysseyCircle Templar outfit can be seen in Jhin DarkCosmicCircle Dark Cosmic Jhin.[2]
    • The Astronaut Bard Chroma profileicon Astronauts universe might be connected with the Odyssey Veteran profileicon Odyssey universe, since a Jinx OdysseyCircle Odyssey Jinx doll can be seen in the background of Gnar AstronautCircle Astronaut Gnar and Poppy AstronautCircle Astronaut Poppy shared splash art, while a space ship resembling the Morning Star can be seen in the background of Bard AstronautCircle Astronaut Bard splash art.
    • In the trailer launch of Odyssey, Yasuo is reading a book: The Storm & the Sabre by Brian Francis Sword, A romantic literature involving the characters Garen RogueAdmiralCircle Rogue Admiral Garen and Katarina BilgewaterCircle Bilgewater Katarina.
    • An alternate version of the K/DA band exist in this universe.
  • The Demaxian Empire's homeworld was destroyed long ago.
    • An alternate version of Jarvan IV OriginalSquare Jarvan IV is the king of the empire.
    • Kayn OdysseyCircle Odyssey Kayn is an Ordinal, one of the highest ranking military leaders in the intergalactic Demaxian Empire.
      • Kayn's body is filled with Ora, harvested from the many people and things he has killed.
  • The word Morning Star was coined by whoever owned the ship before Yasuo did. He stole it.
    • Yasuo OdysseyCircle Yasuo lived a life of luxury until the murder of his older brother. Now he lives a life of *relative* luxury.
      • Yasuo's shoulder Space Lizard profileicon lizard was stolen from a maximum-security nature preserve.
    • Jinx OdysseyCircle Jinx has heavily modified the Morning Star with offensive weapons. It is unclear what half of them do.
      • Jinx is incapable of holding a real job as an 'Adventure Pilot' is not considered a real job.
    • Malphite OdysseyCircle Malphite was the pit boss of a massive Ora mining station before joining the Morning Star.
    • Sona OdysseyCircle Sona is a member of the Templars, a secretive organization sometimes also referred to as 'Moon Wizards'.
  • Ziggs OdysseyCircle Ziggs is a manic, bitter engineer obsessed with reliving his glory days after his career was ruined by Jinx OdysseyCircle Jinx and Malphite OdysseyCircle Malphite.
  • Zed GalaxySlayerCircle Zed is an ex-Templar omnicidal hive-mind assassin filled with Ora who wants to eliminate every lesser being from the universe. He seems very lonely, so using his clones when he finds himself dining alone sounds like a good idea.
  • The Odyssey skin of Baron is known as the Odyssey Zenith profileicon Odyssey Zenith.


Odyssey - Login Screen

Odyssey - Login Screen

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