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This article or section may contain obsolete information, but exists here for historical purposes.

Ocklepods are a ranged, utility brawler. They can shield allied minions from magic damage and gain magic resistance as they're upgraded. They can also provide vision into nearby junglers with a moving Clairvoyance.

As with all brawlers, they cost 5 Krakens 5 to purchase and can be upgraded with further krakens (see below).


Ocklepods Ocklepods are crustacean-like creatures that magically hover above the ground unassisted. They either inhabit or have been outfitted with a metallic helm with submarine periscope jutting above, the creature's eyes peek through the helm and periscope. This creature is mostly used for intelligence-gathering and support roles as they are capable of magically shielding nearby allies as well as revealing distances. This is especially infuriating in attrition wars as the creature's telepathic sight could easily reveal an ambush and its shielding capability is able to see troops through the thickest of fires.


  • Ocklepods will spawn in place of one of your team's Caster minions, one on each lane per Ocklepod hired. Once out of Caster Minions, Ocklepods will begin replacing Melee minions.


Mercenary Upgrade 1 Mercenary Upgrade 1
  • Cost: 5 Krakens 5
  • +10 magic resistance
  • Unique Passive - Clairvoyance: Spawns an observer that moves to the nearby jungle. After a 4-second delay, it grants sight over the surrounding area. 30 second cooldown.
Mercenary Upgrade 2 Mercenary Upgrade 2
  • Cost: 10 Krakens 10
  • +10 magic resistance
  • Innate:
    • Base shield increased to 250.
    • Cooldown reduced to 4 seconds.
Mercenary Upgrade 3 Mercenary Upgrade 3
  • Cost: 15 Krakens 15
  • +10 magic resistance
  • Unique Passive - Clairvoyance:
    • Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds.
    • Set-up delay reduced to 2 seconds.
    • Maximum range increased by 50%.
    • Sight duration increased by 50%.
Defense Upgrade 1 Defense Upgrade 1
Defense Upgrade 2 Defense Upgrade 2
Defense Upgrade 3 Defense Upgrade 3
Offense Upgrade 1 Offense Upgrade 1
Offense Upgrade 2 Offense Upgrade 2
Offense Upgrade 3 Offense Upgrade 3