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Observer was a summoner spell only available to Riot Games Inc. staff. Upon activation, the fog of war is cleared and all units may be seen. This effect only applies to the user who activated the spell.

Additionally, the caster has their champion Hallucinate vanish, has their other summoner spell disabled, is still allowed to spend Gold gold and can no longer spend skill points.

Observer is no longer available in any realm, instead replaced by Spectator Mode.


  • Observer was used by David 'Phreak' Turley to record the Ionia vs. Noxus match. A demonstration of the spell's effects during the match can be see here.
    • A similar system was used on the World Cyber Gaming 2010 to record the finale.
  • If an enemy Nocturne OriginalSquare Nocturne uses Paranoia Paranoia, the Observer loses vision for the duration.
Summoner header

The bearded "Observer" as seen in the summoner's profile.

  • In the old league client, a figure strongly resembling the man in Observer's icon can be seen on the default summoner profile.
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