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The Noxian Invasion of Ionia (or the Noxian-Ionian War) was period of war where a weakened Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus sought to reclaim its former glory by invading Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia and the Freljord Crest icon.png Freljordian Ironspike Mountains. The actual invasion takes place between 984 AN and 989 AN.


These snippets are from the Noxian Calendar from Realms of Runeterra. However, they may be incorrect or biased due to the Noxian point of view or the old age.
984 — The Invasion of Ionia

Following many years of scouting and preparation, Grand General Boram Darkwill ordered a large-scale occupation of Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia by Noxus Crest icon.png Noxian forces. Though initially met with little resistance, the warhosts' brutal advance across the provinces soon gave rise to fierce retaliation from various Ionian militias, which became more organized after the infamous Battle of the Placidium.

989 — Jericho Swain seizes Noxus

In spite of his dishonorable discharge from the military, former General Swain Swain enacted a coup within the Noxian capital, deposing and killing Boram Darkwill. In less than a year, Swain had ended the occupation of Ionia, vastly reduced the influence of the noble houses, and established the Trifarix council to govern the empire. [1]


974 AN

Continuing his pursuit in reclaiming Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus' former glory, Boram Darkwill further expanded the Noxian border towards The Great Barrier in the south of Valoran. The largest Minotaur clans who lived in this region start to ally themselves with Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus. The clans who rejected the alliance, like Alistar Alistar and his clans' warriors, were branded as rebels, captured and sent to the Reckoner arenas. All of these warriors died in the arena except for Alistar Alistar.

Many southern settlements, including the coastal settlement of Basilich, are annexed by Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus. Three orphans from Basilich, Darius Darius, Draven Draven and Quiletta Varn, join the Noxus Crest icon.png Noxian army.

976 AN

What Once Sailed Free

Darkwill and his advisors pay a fortune for the private release of mercenaries, prisoners, and Reckoners alike to be conscripted into the empire's warhosts. They became known as “soldiers-of-misfortune” and were sent to deal with tasks unworthy of a veteran warband's attention, as hostile nations were provoking rebellions all along the Noxian frontier. One fleet of these "soldiers-of-misfortune" is sent to Kalstead, a coastal fortress allied to Demacia Crest icon.png Demacia that had rebelled against the empire. Defeated by the Demacia Crest icon.png Demacians, the surviving Noxus Crest icon.png Noxians are allowed to live, after promising to leave Kalstead in peace. One of the soldiers, moved by this gesture of mercy, the Reckoner Xin Zhao Xin Zhao, pledges his allegiance to Demacia Crest icon.png Demacia and is granted the honor of being the personal guard of King Jarvan III.

981 AN - 982 AN

After Grena, the mother of Ashe Ashe, questioned Hejian's treatment of her granddaughter, Sejuani Sejuani, an affronted Hejian cuts all ties with the Avarosans. The Winter’s Claw then instigated a series of conflicts with other neighboring tribes, attempting to reclaim the lands and honor they had lost, but these desperate tactics only led them further into ruin. With her youth fading, Grena would soon began her quest for the “Throne of Avarosa”, a supposed hoard of treasures and magical items that she hoped would return her people to greatness. Her search would end up severely weakening the Avarosan tribe.

984 AN

Mural Of The Noxian Invasion of Ionia

Following many years of scouting and preparation, the Grand General of Noxus, Boram Darkwill, ordered a large-scale occupation of Ionia. The highly defensible fortress of Fae'lor, built upon the westernmost island of Ionia, is overrun after a long siege during the very early stages of the Noxian Invasion. The fortress had a strategic significance as it was used as the Noxian base of operations during during the remainder of the invasion.

Later, Irelia's Irelia's old home and family are massacred by Admiral Duqual and his forces. There, Irelia Irelia discovers the power of her ancient dances and later joins the growing resistance of Navori. Usan Usan, having struggled with his teachings after the Jhin Jhin investigation, sought any means to surpass Shen Shen, and found the forbidden shadow techniques. He is banished from the Kinkou Order Crest.png Kinkou Order. At some point he changes his name into Zed Zed. Kusho's refusal to help the war effort ends Zed's Zed's allegiance. While not directly opposed to them, he begins to view the Kinkou Order Crest.png Kinkou Order as rivals. Zed gathers followers that serves as a splinter group of the Navori Brotherhood.

985 AN

After their caretakers struck a deal with a Demacia Crest icon.png Demacian trader, Sona Sona and a handful of her friends are bundled onto one of the last ships to escape Ionia before the Noxian blockade of its western coast. After months at sea, they arrive in Demacia. Sona is taken in by the Buvelle family.

Noxians attack the Bards, a society of Ionians living on a trio of mountains. At some point in the past they made a deal with the celestial being they called “Bard Bard” to safeguard a celestial egg and three altars in exchange for some magical benefit. [citation needed] The Noxian attack forces an elder of the village to use the egg's power, sundering the mountain. This immediately alerts Bard Bard, who swoops in and transports the egg and altars to a location beyond Runeterra. This is the most recent known time Bard Bard had intervened in Runeterran activities. Some Vastayan tribes ally with Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus in order to protect themselves, while others remain to fight for Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia. At this time Zed Zed and his followers were openly hostile against the Vastaya.

986 AN

Udyr Udyr and Lee Sin Lee Sin engage the Noxians at the Hirana Monastery, as monks from every province had fallen back to defend the holy monastery. Lee Sin's Lee Sin's and Udyr's Udyr's actions lead the Ionians to victory, but also bring the holy monastery and its ancient knowledge to ruins. The warriors helped to rebuild the monastery and parted ways.

Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus attacks the town of Pallas primarily due to belief that the temple it was built next to held powerful secrets. Valmar Valmar and Kai Kai fight to repel the invaders, Kai Kai is mortally wounded. Valmar Valmar shoved Kai and himself into the pit in the center of the temple of Pallas, subsequently awakening the Darkin within. The Darkin known as Varus Varus fuses with Valmar and Kai and is freed from his prison. Varus Varus attacks and kills most of the initial Noxian invading party before setting off from Ionia.

Swain Swain captures The Placidium of Navori and take its defenders hostage, possibly with the help of the Vastaya Kalan (later rewarded with the role of governor of Fae'lor), hoping to lure the inevitable reinforcements into a trap. Irelia's Irelia's revolutionary army hold a final stand against the invading Noxian army. In the resulting battle Swain Swain loses his arm to Irelia Irelia and is discharged from the Ionian front. For her victory, Irelia Irelia becomes the leader of the growing resistance. Later, Swain Swain escapes the clutches of death by taking control of Rhaum, the Demon of Secrets. His lost arm is replaced by a demonic one. He returned to Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus where he was dishonorably discharged.

The Noxian army surrounded the city and Zed and his acolytes were cut off from the rest of The Navori Bortherhood's forces. After leaving the survivors in the city's tunnel shelter, Zed Zed took the Scimitar and Chimera Units and marched towards the Kinkou Temple of Thanjuul. Zed Zed returned to the Kinkou Temple for the Tears of The Shadow. Despite Master Kusho trying to stop his former student, Zed rushed inside the Temple, followed by Kusho. Afterwards, Kusho was believed to have been slain inside and Zed emerged with the Tear of The Shadow in hand. Some Order members joined Zed's ranks while the others were allowed to flee. However, Kusho and Zed worked together to fake the former's death. This event would result in the disappearance of Tahno Jhomen Tethi, Akali's Akali's father. The The Order of The Shadows Crest.jpg Shadow Order was formed with Zed Zed as its leader.

Akali Akali fled into the eastern mountains along with Mayym, Shen Shen, Kennen Kennen, and a handful of other acolytes. Shen Shen becomes to new Eye of Twilight, and then sets out to rebuild the Kinkou Order Crest.png Kinkou Order under the Order's three ancient fundamental philosophies.

987 AN

Kayn's Kayn's Noxian forces landed at the mouth of the Epool River. He slaughtered many Ionians and Vastaya before he was captured by Zed Zed. He later joins the The Order of The Shadows Crest.jpg Shadow Order. Meanwhile the Noxus Crest icon.png Noxian warbands march north to the The Placidium of Navori and Temple of Koeshin. Because of these events and their recent losses at the hands of the newly-formed The Order of The Shadows Crest.jpg Shadow Order, the surviving Kinkou Order Crest.png Kinkou Order decides to temporarily relocate to a long-abandoned temple east of Thanjuul, high up in the mountains where glacial water ran. The neophytes of Kinkou Order Crest.png Kinkou Order, including Akali Akali and Faey, ward of the Serrated Dirk item.png Navori Brotherhood from finding the temple. They however are attacked by an evil nature spirit. In the ensuing fight Faey loses her leg but survives thanks to Shen Shen, Kennen Kennen and Akali's Akali's mother.

A Noxian warband leader, Emystan, deployed Singed Singed to attack the Ionian region of Navori. The way of Wuju is almost destroyed as Master Yi's Master Yi's village is decimated by the Chem-bombs developed by Singed Singed. Riven Riven and her warband served as scouts for Emystan's warband, bringing the chemical weapon to Navori. The moment the warbands are attacked by Ionians chemical weapon activates and kills everyone on both sides. Riven Riven, believing herself to be the only survivor, fled. At the same time, Yasuo Yasuo tried to enter the same battle after abandoning his duty of protecting Elder Souma, but only finds the aftermath. A betrayed Riven finds Souma and asks him to help her destroy the blade gifted to her by the empire, which accidentally causes Souma's death. Yasuo returned and was then framed for the murder of Elder Souma. He later escaped after finding out he is being convicted for murder and not for his abandoning his duty. Darius Darius and Quilleta retreat from the Ionian front, partially due to a fatal chemical infection on Quilleta's arm caused by Singed's Singed's chem bomb. Her arm was amputated and she became the steward of Basilich.


The Freljord Avarosan.png Avarosans lead by Grena set out on a dangerous quest for the truth behind an ancient myth of Avarosa's Throne. The journey took them deep into hostile territory of the Ice Children Village, where the Avarosan Frost Priest Maalcrom and the Hearthbound ultimately turned back. Grena, her daughter Ashe Ashe, and their Bloodsworn brave the punishing climate. After days of trekking, the Iceborn are ambushed at their camp by the Draklorn. Grena and other Bloodsworn such as Yrael, Rorn, Grimshall, and Logren die at the hands of a disguised Maalcrom.

After traveling unforgiving ice cliffs for days, Ashe Ashe reached the edge of her mother's maps: Ghulfrost. Though Grena expected to find Avarosa's Throne, a hall and hoard of treasure, Ashe Ashe found merely an unmarked cairn in the snow... only to discover a legendary bow made entirely of True Ice buried in the rocks. With that bow she vowed to slay any Draklorn Freljord Frostguard.png Frostguard servant, including Maalcrom who was disguised as their leader.

After finding her tribe dead, Ashe Ashe found Sejuani Sejuani and together, they slay a grellfeen. They reunited five years later, escaping group of Bear Stance unused.png Ursine. Ashe Ashe and Sejuani Sejuani travel by boat for days before reaching the Freljord Winters Claw.png Winter's Claw. Sejuani Sejuani welcomed Ashe into her tribe, and they become Battlesisters. Other tribesmen such as the Frost Priests and her mother Kalkia refuse to accept Ashe as one of them.

Trying to challenge her mother's rule, Sejuani Sejuani stages an attack on the Ebrataal tribe, whom were allied to Winter's Claw but were weak and had no Iceborn among them. Finding out the true nature of this attack, Ashe Ashe refused to go further with Sejuani's Sejuani's plan and stood to protect the assaulted tribesmen, vowing to take them away across the Ice Sea. Enraged by Ashe's Ashe's decision, Sejuani Sejuani and the other Winter's Claw allies left the Ebrataal tribe, branding Ashe Ashe as a traitor. Ashe Ashe took the Ebrataal tribe upon herself and renamed them to the Freljord Avarosan.png Avarosan, after the tribe her mother once led.

In an attempt to gain access to Black Iron, a metal only found in the Ironspike Mountains, Boram Darkwill sends Darius Darius and his warhosts to Freljord Crest icon.png Freljord to battle against the local Freljord Winters Claw.png Freljordian tribes. [citation needed]

Sejuani Sejuani successfully raided a Noxian warship hoping to get support to seize the leadership of her tribe. There she would free the Drüvask Bristle Bristle and take it as war mount. Hearing of Sejuani Sejuani's plans to challenge her mother, the Frost Priests intervene, but Kalkia dies in the struggle, making Sejuani Sejuani the new warmother. As the new leader of the Freljord Winters Claw.png Winter's Claw, Sejuani Sejuani began attacking and absorbing nearby tribes, gathering a veritable horde of followers formed by outcast shamans, spirit walkers, Iceborn, Stormborn, worshipers of the old gods and a growing resistance against Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus. The campaign drags on for years as a bitter stalemate. With Darius Darius narrowly survived assassination attempts, ambushes, and even capture by the vicious Freljord Winters Claw.png Winter's Claw.

Yone Yone is killed by Yasuo Yasuo in his attempt to hunt him down. After some time, Yone Yone resurrects by fusing with a Demon. At some point the Kinkou Order and Shadow Order broker an uneasy accord to fight against Noxus instead of each other.

989 AN

The Noxian Grand General

In spite of his dishonorable discharge from the military, former General Swain Swain with the help of Draven Draven and General Du Couteau enacted a coup within the Noxian capital, deposing and killing Boram Darkwill. This coup would later be known as the Trifarian Revolution. In less than a year, Swain ended the occupation of Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia. Meanwhile, Irelia's Irelia's revolutionary forces win a striking victory against the Noxian invading army at the Battle of Dalu Bay. They defeat Admiral Duqal and end the invasion and the war. With the threat to her homeland gone, Irelia Irelia leaves the leadership of the resistance. Because the vacuum of power she created, many groups tried to take control over Ionia Crest icon.png Ionia, including the Serrated Dirk item.png Navori Brotherhood and the The Order of The Shadows Crest.jpg Shadow Order.

However, some Ionian territories remained in Noxian control. Occasional skirmishes around these territories continue to the present day. Zed Zed and the The Order of The Shadows Crest.jpg Shadow Order started consolidating power, doing unspeakable things to get it. He continues hostility with Noxus and many Vastayan tribes.


990 AN

Darius Darius returns from the Freljord Crest icon.png Freljordian campaign demanding compensation after narrowly surviving assassination attempts, ambushes, and even captures by the Freljord Winters Claw.png Winter's Claw. [citation needed] He however is greeted by Swain Swain who makes a proposes the formation of the Trifarix of Noxus. Swain Swain represents Vision of the Trifarix, Darius Darius represents Might of the Trifarix, and an unknown figure within the assassin guilds known as Faceless represents Guile of the Trifarix. Over the next year, Swain vastly reduces the influence of noble houses over Noxus. Because of Swain's Swain's increasing control over Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus, LeBlanc LeBlanc manipulates General Granth into planning to kill Swain Swain for her, though she only wants to use him as a test for Swain.


973 AN
975 AN
  • Govos Govos is taken in as Master Kusho's apprentice with the help of Shen Shen.
977 AN
  • Kusho, Shen Shen and Govos Govos began to track down a serial killer known as Khada Jhin Khada Jhin. All three would be mentally scarred by Khada Jhin's Khada Jhin's murders.
  • Kusho gives Govos a new Kinkou name, Usan Usan.
978 AN
  • Samira's Samira's home of Amakra was attacked by cultists that worshiped Xerath Xerath. She and her family migrate to Bel'zhun. She would quickly join a Noxian warband and start her training as a soldier.
  • Gangplank Gangplank killed Sarah's Sarah's parents in a raid, orphaning her.
980 AN
981 AN - 982 AN
  • Samira Samira, after two years, finished her training as a Noxian soldier (early 981 AN).
  • Sylas Sylas tries to protect a girl from the Mageseekers but ended up absorbing some of the girl's lightning magic. Unable to control it, he released it, killing everyone around him.
    • After months, Sylas Sylas was captured by the Mageseekers and branded as "The Most Dangerous Mage in The Land".
983 AN
  • Garen Garen leftHigh Silvermere to join the army as a squire. During this time he met Jarvan IV Jarvan IV and later became friends with him.
  • Qiyana Qiyana started her elemental studies. Within weeks she mastered advanced techniques.
984 AN
  • Kaisa Kaisa obtained her first blade from her father for her birthday.
986 AN
  • Jarvan IV Jarvan IV obtained Drakebane Drakebane from his father.
  • Kaisa Kaisa reopens a Void rift, causing an earthquake that swallows her entire village beneath the Sai desert.
  • Kaisa Kaisa mortally wounds a voidling, which fuses with her skin to save its own life.
  • Kassadin Kassadin, striken with grieve of losing his wife and daughter daughter, is dragged back to Zirima, where he would drown away his sorrows.
987 AN
  • Evelynn Evelynn kills Shauna Vayne's Shauna Vayne's parents. Vayne vowed to learn everything about Dark Magic to enact revenge against the demon that killed her family.
  • LeBlanc LeBlanc took Rell Rell to the Black Rose academy.
988 AN
  • Gregori and Amoline Hastur left Noxus Prime to live in isolation somewhere north of the Ironspike Mountains. Annie's Annie's mother Amoline dies, leaving Tibbers Tibbers to Annie Annie.
  • Rell Rell is first forced into combat with another student.
988 AN - 996 AN
  • Kassadin Kassadin hears of a prophet prophet who made life sacrifices to the Void Crest icon.png Void.
  • Enraged by realising this prophet's actions was the cause of the loss of his family, Kassadin Kassadin ends up calling in every favor he could to fight Malzahar Malzahar and the Void Crest icon.png Void.
989 AN
  • Garen Garen has served with honor in several campaigns along the Freljordian border by this time, playing a key role in purging cultists from the Silent Forest and having fought alongside the defenders of Whiterock.
  • Alistar Alistar, with the help of a servant girl named Ayelia, was able to escape the Reckoner arenas of Noxus. Weeks later, a political coup shook the empire to its dark foundations, and the arena minotaur's escape was forgotten.


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