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A normal game is a PvP queue type for Red Nexus icon Classic 5v5 Summoner's Rift icon Summoner's Rift that is not involved in the ranked system. In a normal game, players invoke a champion from their collection or from the weekly free rotation and/or the new-player rotation (if applicable). Normal game queues allow all party sizes to queue up together.

Players must first achieve summoner level 3 either by playing co-op vs. AI games or by completing the 3 Tutorial missions before they are able to enter a normal game queue. Players are matched with random players according to their hidden Matchmaking Rating (MMR) in normal game queue types. Players earn greater XP rewards from normal games (since they are PvP) than from co-op vs. AI games.


Players select two positions (or one unique per player for parties of 5), a champion for each, and their gameplay and cosmetics loadouts before queueing.

The champion selection screen is entirely absent from this queue. Successfully passing the 'Ready' check immediately starts the game.

Draft Pick []

Pick order is determined on both teams and one team is randomly designated to have the first pick.

Declaration Phase [15s]: Preparatory grace period. Players can declare their pick intent to their team.

Ban Phase [30s]: All players simultaneously execute a ban. Allied ban intent selections and locks are shown immediately, opponents' bans are not revealed.

Ban Reveal [5s]: Bans are revealed to all teams. It is possible for teams to ban the same champion.

Pick Phase [30s for 6 turns]: One team is allowed to make the first pick, then teams alternate and pick two at a time until every player has locked in their pick.

Finalization Phase [30s]: Preparatory grace period, before the game begins. There is an opportunity to initiate champion trades.


Blind Pick (Beta-V13.22)[]

For information on the draft type of the same name, see here.

Players simultaneously select a champion with which to play; only one of each champion can be selected or locked in on each team. Each side cannot see what champions the other side has picked, until the game has started.

The champion selection chat is often used to call out a player's preferred drafted role (Top icon Top, Middle icon Mid, Bottom icon Bot (or Bot/carry), Support icon Support (or Bot/support), Jungle icon Jungle, or Specialist icon Fill). The call-out order of non-Fill teammates should be respected.

Selection Phase [87s]: All players simultaneously select their champion. If the Selection Phase ends prematurely, meaning all players have locked in their champion, the Finalization Phase ensues automatically.

Finalization Phase [10s]: Preparatory grace period, before the game begins.


The results of normal games count towards the player's Wins / Losses / Leaves score. MMR is also adjusted according to the result.


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