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Champions of Piltover Clans


Mercantile Clans

Example of Merchant Clan Sigils

The mercantile clans of Piltover each have their own unique sigil to identify their homes, workshops, shipments, warehouses, inventions, brands and places of business. Each sigil bears many meanings and interpretations; some obvious, some less so.

Among the leading families of Piltover, it is customary for one of the younger children to take up the mantle of the family's principal intelligencer, the sword and shield of their clan. Those chosen are tasked with operating in the best interest of a Piltover family, working with the clan master to secure the family's continued success by any means necessary. Clan Ferros, with its wealth of secrets, has always taken this position seriously, putting forward considerable resources to ensure its intelligencer was always the best.

The difference between a clan and a house is that clans are larger, do not necessarily have all of their members related by blood by direct family connections, and have larger political influence and income for their ventures. For instance in the linkArcane (Universe) Arcane universe, House Talis still requires funding for their hextech ventures, despite Jayce Talis Jayce Talis being a councilor.

Clan Members & Description Sigil
Arvino Adalbert, Sofia Arvino.jpg Sofia:
Lady Sofia lived a cushy, trusting life in Bluewind Court until her father died and became the head of the clan. She then fell in love with Baron Volkage, a Zaunite chem-baron trying to gain power in Piltover. After some time they planned an engagement in a cultivar in Zaun, but Camille Camille stopped the engagement, killing Baron Volkage. After that, Camille made a deal with the intelligencer of Clan Arvino, Adalbert to keep Sofia out of trouble.
Arvino Clan Crest icon.png
Cadwalder Uberti:
the head artisan of the clan Cadwalder, Uberti designed the self-locomotor. Rumor has it that one of Clan Medarda's agents stole one of the schematics of this project, and this led to the creation of a self-locomotor in Clan Medarda's mansion. Clan Torek also tried to convince Uberti to join it, and it is unknown which clan she is in at this point.
Ferros Elicia, Rhodri, Gemma, Camille Camille, Stevan, LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png7 Albus, LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png2 Reggie, Jayce Jayce:
"For family, will I give."
Clan Ferros gained most of its wealth through a rare crystal harvested from the Brackern of Shurima. Utilizing certain shadow investments in chemtech and runic alchemy, the Ferros family brought to market the less powerful, but easier to procure, synthetic hex-crystals. Such power often comes with consequences, and the production of synthetic crystals is rumored to be a heavy contributor to the Zaun Gray. Clan color is blue.
Ferros Clan Crest icon.png
Giopara Jayce Jayce:
Jayce earned the honor of being the youngest apprenta to ever be offered patronage by Clan Giopara, one of Piltover's most respected ruling clans. He spent most of his early years constructing potential hextech devices and designing transformable multi-tools for Piltover's working class. Ferros would later outbit Giopara and take Jayce as their apprenta.
Holloran Boswell:
A well known clan that refused a Janna Deep Breath.jpg Zaunite boy for apprenticeship, after which Boswell Holloran almost died from a fall from a mysterious gust of wind mysterious gust of wind that launched him off his balcony.
Kiramman Tobias Tobias, Cassandra Cassandra, Caitlyn Caitlyn, Jayce Jayce:
The Kiramman's are a wealthy and influential family of hextech artificers. They are also known for their lavish lifestyle of hunting in the wilder lands outside of Piltover.
In the linkArcane (Universe) Arcane universe, they have funded the study and research of hextech with their apprenta Jayce Talis Jayce Talis.
Medarda Piltover Jago Medarda.jpg Jago, Ambessa Ambessa, Kino, Mel Mel, LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png6 Jae, Colette:
The Medarda family was instrumental in the construction of the Sun Gates. The current master of Clan Medarda, Jago commands immense respect and power throughout Piltover. With the revenue generated by his father's piston patents, Jago is funding research into using hextech to speed the opening and closing of the Sun Gates.
A Noxian warmason who joined Clan Medarda as an apprenta on a recent Progress Day. She stole the Medarda's trading map and gave it to Noxus. Clan color is red.
Heir apparent to Piltover's prestigious Clan Medarda, Jae preferred hunting ancient artifacts over managing the family business, much to his father's chagrin.
In the linkArcane (Universe) Arcane universe, Clan Medarda has family ties with Noxus, having several of its members originating from that nation.
Tariost Aurelie:
Clan Tariost is a powerhouse in the shipping trade. Their clan colors are blue and gold. Aurelie, a recently deceased lady of Clan Tariost, fell in love with Karvyq the Silverhanded during the last Jubilee, but his standing was too low and the clan didn't allow it. After Aurelie passed away, Karvyq stole her ashes to honor a promise he made that day.
Unnamed Clan Bolbok Bolbok, Hoskel Hoskel, Salo Salo, Shoola Shoola:
It is unclear from what clans these individuals come from. They have currently only appeared in the linkArcane (Universe) Arcane universe.


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