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Champions of Noxian Nobility


Noble Houses

These noble houses have existed since the first walls were raised around Noxus, and lead lives of privilege as they play a key role in politics. They believed that their proud heritage was the nation's greatest strength, but many hungered for greater influence, plotting against Boram Darkwill with a secret cabal united by nothing more than the symbol of a black rose. Old noble families still wield considerable power at the heart of the empire.

Noble House Members & Description
Darkwill Boram, Keiran:
Former rulling house of Noxus, before Jericho's Jericho's coup and the installing of The Trifarix.
Granth Brannin Granth General.jpg Brannin, Hadrion:
A house that remained loyal to Darkwill during the revolution, it's most notorious members were stripped of their possessions and two of its members were later killed in attempts of revenge, one of those attempts being linked to LeBlanc's LeBlanc's schemings.
Du Couteau Marcus, Soreana, Cassiopeia Cassiopeia, Katarina Katarina, Talon Talon:
A house of assassins and spies. Its previous patron was instrumental in establishing The Trifarix while its matron was a member of The Black Rose.
Sassen LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png1 Emet:
A house whose lord was swayed by the charms of Lady Elise and was never seen again.
Swain Jericho Jericho:
One of the first noble houses in Noxus Crest icon.png Noxus. After Jericho sold them out for plotting against the empire, most if not all other members of the house were executed.
Tewain The noble house responsible for gaining favor of numerous Minotaur clans before claiming Basilich. Its matron was killed by Alistar Alistar, who rejected the alliance.
Kythera Elise Elise, LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png2 Sydell:
A house that merged with House Zaavan with a carefully planned marriage by Elise Elise, its previous matron.
Zaavan Berholdt, Elise Elise:
A house that merged with House Kythera with a carefully planned marriage by Elise Elise, its current matron.


  • Jericho Jericho was responsible for the destruction of his own house.[1]


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