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Champions of Ixtali Ruling Castes



The Mage Autocracy functions on a caste system where every person has a set role in society. An individual can rarely change their caste and are often within a caste for their entire life. The Social Hierarchy within a caste is based on the length of time spent in study, furthering their progression toward ultimate mastery.

Castes Members & Description Crest
Yun Tal Ixtal The Axiomata 01.jpg Aliay Qunlan, Ixtal A Privileged Upbringing.jpg Inessa Yunalai, Mara Yunalai, Mivasim, Qiyana Yunalai Qiyana Yunalai:
The ruling Ixaocan caste of Ixtal. For countless generations, Ixtal's secrets have been preserved by their most gifted and wise elementalists. There are no formal criteria for admission to the Yun Tal, though aspirants can expect to be tested to the very limit of their abilities, and any approval must be unanimous among those present. Each Yun Tal caste member wears special elemental clothing woven from the Vidalion to enhance and showcase their elemental prowess.

The current occupants of the high seat of the Yun Tal were blessed with ten daughters—respectfully referred to by many as “the Yunalai”. Having the benefit of generations of inherited mastery, it is little surprise that all of them were ready to face the Vidalion at prodigiously young ages. One of its members, Qiyana Qiyana, desires to brake her position within the caste hierarchy and one day rule as Empress. Its caste members can also hold the position of a prefect.

Ixtal Crest.png

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