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Nistaram Forest is located on the northernwest tip of Galrin island of Ionia. It is a day away from Pallas by horseback.


This forest is rich with biodiversity, having numerous dangerous monsters and plants. Professional hunters are often enlisted to hunt down dangerous creatures that pose a threat to neighboring towns and villages.

Related Champions

  • Kai OriginalSquare Kai hunted a Vulkodalk in the Nistaram Forest.
  • Valmar OriginalSquare Valmar hunted a Vulkodalk in the Nistaram Forest.


  • Serpentleaf
  • Vulkodalk 1
  • Vulkodalk 2


Serpentleaf Serpentleaf is a type of predatory flower native to the Nistaram Forest of Galrin. Serpentleaf poultice, if properly made, is used as an effective healing agent that dulls the pain but not the mind. If the flower isn't picked properly, its leaves are poisonous. The flowers lure insects with its scent and color. Some animals have adapted an immunity to the flowers poisons, eating it from the inside when its leaves close.


Vulkodalk 02 Vulkodalk is native to the Nistaram Forest of Galrin. This terrifying predator is a theropod-type creature with eight eyes on each side of its head, a large horn atop the snout, and a maw with multiple rows of pointed teeth.

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