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Nilah Nilah is an ascetic warrior from a distant land, seeking the world’s deadliest, most titanic opponents so that she might challenge and destroy them. Having won her power through an encounter with the long-imprisoned demon of joy, she has no emotions other than unceasing jubilation—a small price to pay for the vast strength she now possesses. Channeling the demon’s liquid form into a blade of unparalleled might, she stands defiant against ancient threats long forgotten.


Early Life

The girl now known as Nilah was born to a large family in Runeterra Crest icon.png Kathkan. Tired of the peaceful life Kathkan experienced since the fall of Camavor Crest icon.png Camavor in ancient times, she read about the age of heroes and various myths throughout Runeterra Crest icon.png Runeterra: the fall of Camavoran king Viego Viego, the creation of the first dragons and the creation of the universe as depicted in Kathkani mythology. She took the most interest in a story called The Cycle of Ashlesh, which told of a primordial demon which consumed the extreme forms of joy and was struck down by the gods when it tried to consume their realm, being imprisoned in a lake in the underworld guarded by an order of heroes. Knowing that Ashlesh's prison was right under her feet in the Kathkani capital, she set out to find the order hoping to become a hero.

She eventually reached Ashlesh's prison, where she disappeared from public knowledge for ten years. When she returned, she had tamed Ashlesh to use its powers for herself. However, she had a paid a great price, the demon's influence caused her to feel nothing but joy and her existence was forgotten by all records and memory, including her friends and family. Giving herself the name "Nilah" after the river of legend, she set out to fight the strongest monsters known to the myths of Runeterra. Each time she fought a new foe, she defeated it to the amazement of anyone witnessing. She is now regarded as a hero through her legacy of fighting increasingly stronger foes, to stride towards her future and protect those who can't protect themselves.

Contemporary history

After the return and defeat of Viego Viego, Nilah set out towards to the western continent to learn more about the Ruined King's return. She would arrive in Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater and rent out the room above Oyster Bill's Oyster Shack. At some point she would meet the outlaw Graves Graves, who would be left intimidated by their encounter.

Recent events



In Nilah's original life, she was interested in books and reading about legends, taking interest in uncovering the legends she had read about, which influenced her to set out to the prison of Ashlesh in the hopes of finding a heroic destiny. After taming Ashlesh's power, Nilah has now become a passionate and fearless heroine with a goal to protect the helpless. Nilah can only feel joy due to Ashlesh suppressing her other emotions, causing her to emote only happiness and positivity but being unable to lament the sorrows of her life, even if she is aware of them.


  • Demonic Bonding: Nilah has tamed and is in command of the many abilities of Ashlesh, the Primordial Demon of Joy and one of the Ten Kings
    • Emotional Feeding: Like other Demons, Ashlesh feeds himself from a specific emotion, in this case, joy. By absorbing the joy of others, Ashlesh, and by extension Nilah, can sustain themselves for prolonged periods of time. Nilah is an ascetic warrior-monk who can ward off the worst of Ashlesh's predations upon herself through meditation and prayer.
    • Demonic Water Manipulation: Drawing upon the waters from Ashlesh's prison, Nilah can give form to her whip-blade, ride the waves and currents of the demon's magic water and even heal her wounds and the wounds of her allies with its mending touch
    • Waterwalking: Nilah can tread the water of even the open ocean due to the demon's association with the form of liquid
  • Enhanced Strength and Agility: Before Nilah encountered Ashlesh she was a lanky bookworm, she became possessed of her more wiry acrobatic strength after bonding with the demon and is now capable of near-superhuman feats


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  • Nilah comes from Kathkan, a country on the same eastern continent as Camavor Crest icon.png Camavor.[1]
  • Nilah is currently staying in Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater, renting out the spare room above Oyster Bill's Oyster Shack.[2]
  • Nilah is something similar to an Aspect Host, the difference being that her power source is an inhuman & extremely evil monster rather than a Celestial entity. [3]
  • Nilah's name might come from the South Asian language Telugu, where నీళ్ళు (pronounced NEE-loo) means "water"



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