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The red Nexus Obelisk on Summoner's Rift.

The blue Nexus Obelisk on Summoner's Rift.

The Nexus Obelisk (colloquially called the Fountain Laser) is a type of Turret icon.png turret in League of Legends that possesses the highest structural damage output in the game, both in amount (2000 dps) and type (Hybrid penetration.png true damage, Urgot Fear Beyond Death 2.png internalraw), and presides over a team's spawn platform, mainly for the purpose of preventing spawn-camping by an opposing team (the act of slaughtering enemies immediately as they re-enter the game).

They are Untargetable icon.png untargetable and are not destructible in any way whatsoever, although they may be pinged.


On Summoner's Rift and Howling Abyss, the Nexus Obelisk sits in the very corner of the map, behind the spawn point itself. Like all other turrets, its Gameplay radius.png gameplay radius is 88.4 units. Its attack range is Range model.png 1250 on Summoner's Rift, but may only aquire targets in its innate sight radius of Range center.png 1350, making it uniquely indifferent about most of its enemys' size.(bug)
On the Howling Abyss, its attack range is Range model.png 1100.

In all of its iterations, the Nexus Obelisk attacks using a single-target laser that deals Hybrid penetration icon.png 1000 true damage per tick at two ticks per second (or 2000 per second), classified as internal raw damage against Champion icon.png champions and raw damage against Minion icon.png minions.

Internal raw damage is a special damage type[1] that additionally bypasses every damage-event related effect in the game, including Hybrid resistances icon.png shields, damage transfers damage transfers, Taric Cosmic Radiance.png invulnerability, and undying effects. Furthermore, since it doesn't register as a damage event, it will not flag the champion with the in-combat status. There are a few specific exceptions to this, such as the effects of Sion's Sion's Glory in Death Glory in Death or Kled's Kled's Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard triggering.

Untargetable icon.png Untargetability may drop turret aggression, allowing for passage in any enemy fountain, but will not prevent an attack that is already being executed from concluding due to the turret's windup time.

The Nexus Obelisk does not prioritize Champion icon.png champions over other units, even if those champions are in combat with opposing champions; it always targets the closest unit in range. It also ignores the presence of neutral units (Monster icon.png monsters) (Rift Herald Rift Herald is no longer neutral when summoned summoned).

Effects ignored

The Nexus Obelisk will not acknowledge any of these effects should a champion within range possess them and will behave as if they did not have them. Guardian Angel Guardian Angel is not put on cooldown when ignored.

Effects respected

While Sion's Sion's Glory in Death Glory in Death, Zac's Zac's Cell Division Cell Division and Anivia's Anivia's Rebirth's Rebirth's will still trigger as normally if they are taken down by the laser, their resulting form can be targeted again. Sion Sion goes untargetable shortly and Zac Zac spawns new units to be targeted while he goes untargetable, which means aggro can be traded away for them, while Anivia Anivia will imminently keep the aggro on her through the instant transition to Eggnivia.


Because of its remote location, incorporating the Obelisk into any large strategy is usually impossible. It simply exists to prevent players from being spawn-killed in their fountain. Nonetheless, it can see significant use at times when a team is on the brink of defeat and conducting a last stand at their Nexus. Champions with crowd control that is able to reposition enemies (particularly Airborne icon.png displacement effects such as with Blitzcrank's Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab Rocket Grab) can be used to force them into range of the Obelisk, usually resulting in a quick kill.

Baiting enemies into the Obelisk's range can also achieve the same result. As many players are aware of this trick, this is usually more effective with enemy minions than champions, although their priority system and low aggro range can make this difficult to pull off with large groups.

Diving an enemy Fountain is a seemingly nonsensical endeavour, however players will sometimes still want to do so, for example to finish their prestigious Pentakill. For this case, it's important to remember that the Nexus Obelisk will target the first targetable unit of the enemy team that enters its range, and will only switch to a new target whenever either the current target leaves the range, dies or becomes untargetable otherwise. It cannot target multiple people simultaneously. This means that while whoever tanks the laser may go down to it, if executed correctly you can specifically keep certain players alive for longer than others.

Since champions are not prioritized over minions, one champion-specific strategy to dive the Fountain more easily is to use Ryze's Ryze's Realm Warp Realm Warp to teleport a number of allied minions into the fountain, so that allied champions can freely enter for a short while without getting targeted.


  • The Nexus Obelisk has an attack speed stat of 2.5, but, due to a peculiarity with turret attacks, only attacks at exactly 2.0 effective attack speed.
  • In Spectator Mode, the Obelisk can be highlighted before the match begins (i.e. before Champions spawn and the timer starts ticking). During this time the Obelisk has 9999 HP and 25 AD. Once Champions spawn, the Obelisk's AD will increase to ~1100 and ramp up from there until reaching its full value.
  • Despite not using a visible model a Nexus Obelisk that is considered destroyed will use the turret ruins model from the red (Magus) faction, facing southwest.