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LoR Blue Nexus.png
LoR Red Nexus.png

The Nexus represents the player's health. Apart from mode-specific exceptions, it has a maximum of 20 Health points, which it starts the game at. It cannot go above its maximum health. It is destroyed when its health is depleted or the player otherwise loses the game (eg. LoR Champion Indicator.png3Fiora or decking out)β€”at which point the game ends and its player suffers a loss.

The Nexus takes damage if it's Keyword Strike.svg struck by an Keyword Attack.svg attacker that wasn't Keyword Block.png blocked, taking damage equal to the LoR Power.png power of the Unit card.png unit. There are various other mechanisms through which it can be damaged.

Nexuses can be targeted by any effect that specifies it can damage/heal anything or a Nexus and is not in the format LoR Power.png Power|LoR Health.png Health. The Nexus is a distinct entity that can be a source of effects or create cards.


  • If both Nexuses are destroyed by effects that occur simultaneously, the game ends in a Tie game.
    • For example, if an allied LoR Champion Indicator.png3Fiora Keyword Death.svg kills her last required unit to win the game, while blocking an Keyword Attack.svg attack, and the blocked unit has Keyword Overwhelm.svg Overwhelm and kills the enemy nexus when it Keyword Strike.svg strikes, the game will tie. This is because both these actions occur at the moment when the units strike each other.
    • Another example is, if an allied unit is killed with LoR Spell Slow Indicator.png0 Final Spark, and destroys the allied Nexus, and then an allied LoR Non-Champion Non-Spell Indicator.png3 Phantom Prankster damages the enemy Nexus. These actions occur simultaneously.
    • Many interactions are still ππ„ππƒπˆππ† π…πŽπ‘ 𝐓𝐄𝐒𝐓 , there is a significant amount of information on order of actions that is missing.
  • 'Game rules' for Labs are often implemented as effects originating from the Nexus.


"Nexus health is unfortunately just a bit too much for us to change, at least right now as (it) essentially would require sweeping card changes and could be very unsettling for the way the game is played, even down to what archetypes can even exist. In addition to all the content we've worked on with the assumption at 20. I think we're willing to take these type of risks to better the game generally speaking, but the risk and amount of work is just a bit high."[1]
β€” Riot Games logo icon.png Steve "RubinZoo" Rubin, 13th October 2020
  • The Nexus can take different forms depending on the board - for example, on many Lab Boards, the Nexuses appear as colored light bulbs to fit the thematic.
  • ↑ (Screenshot) - Riot RubinZoo on Nexus health and deck size in the Official Discord Server.
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