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Nerimazeth map

Nerimazeth Map

Nerimazeth is a city in western Shurima. It was a city of the ancient nation Faraj[1] and served as the original capital of Shurima and the location of the first failed Sun Disc.


In a time before the Sun Empire rose to prominence, the old city of Nerimazeth was the capital of Shurima. It was here that Sun Worshipers made the first iteration of a Shurima's Legacy Sun Disc. Due to unspecified reasons, this was unsuccessful and the city became a vassal state enslaved to the rising Empire which had accomplished the Ascension ritual. It wasn't until Azir OriginalSquare Azir's death, that spurred surviving Ascended warriors to seek revenge for the collapse of their glorious empire. Enraged with spite the Ascended massacred Nerimazeth's inhabitants and burned the city that produced the very Xerath OriginalSquare slave who assassinated their emperor.

Champions of Nerimazeth

Other Related Champions

  • Aurelion Sol OriginalSquare Aurelion Sol flew above the city during the construction of the first Sun Disc.
  • Aatrox OriginalSquare Aatrox attacked the city of Nerimazeth after the fall of Shurima.
  • Pantheon OriginalSquare Pantheon and dozens of Ra'Horak fought Xerath OriginalSquare Xerath in Nerimazeth.
  • Rhaast OriginalSquare Rhaast attacked the city of Nerimazeth after the fall of Shurima.
  • Varus OriginalSquare Varus attacked the city of Nerimazeth after the fall of Shurima.



Name Description
Xerath OriginalSquare Xerath With his subsequent return, the Ascended Xerath has proclaimed himself the new Emperor of Shurima and made the decayed city of Nerimazeth his capital.


Pantheon, The Unbreakable Spear - Login Screen

Pantheon, The Unbreakable Spear - Login Screen

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