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This article or section may contain obsolete information, but exists here for historical purposes.
FGM Nemesis Draft

Nemesis Draft mode

Nemesis Draft was a Featured Game Mode for League of Legends in which every player picked a champion for the opposing team. The drafting is identical to Draft pick, starting with a round of bans, then selected champions are instead given to enemy player in the same order/row, meaning:

  • The first Blue team player picks the champion for the first Red team player to play...
  • Then the first and second Red team players pick the champion that the first and second player (respectively) will play...
  • and so on.

The game mode was made available only once on February 15th, 2015 in patch V5.3, and removed 10 days later with patch V5.4. The game mode was a massive failure due to the inherent issue with removing player choice from their favorite champions, as well as players not taking the mode seriously, with Riot developers stating 7 years later in a retrospective: "This is one mode we can say with confidence will definitely not return, ever."[1]


Hi everyone!

Our first Featured Game Mode for the year, “Nemesis Draft”, is on its way to the PBE. This time around, you’ll be choosing the champions for the enemy team, then making the champs you’ve been given work in battle on the Summoner’s Rift. Let the 'creative' comps begin. :)

Some notes: -- Nemesis Draft is a 5v5 featured game mode played on Summoner’s Rift. -- Nemesis Draft allows each player to choose 1 champion for the enemy team for a total of 5 per team. -- Each team will still get 3 bans. Do you bans champs you DON’T want to play, or leave them up to give to the other team? It’s up to you. :) -- Available champions for you to give the other team are allowed from the collective pool of champs on your allied team. -- There is a free trading period after all champs have been locked in, allowing you to organise amongst your team who would be best playing which champs. Even if you don’t own a champion, you’ll still be able to trade and play anyone you’re given.

Known issues: Play flow artwork is still a placeholder.

Nemesis Draft will be live on the PBE soon™. We’ve paid special attention to the champion select phase this time, to make the picking & trading phases as clear as possible, so feedback on that flow will be welcome. Also "Thanks!" again to you PBE guys that always help us catch things early. Even if we can’t respond to every bug or report individually, we do read EVERYTHING and fix as much as possible.

SO.. we’re excited to see how scheming & creative you guys are. Are we about to uncover some diamonds in the rough? Will it be, “Give them all melee champs!” or “Give them all AD so we can just build armour!”. And then the inevitable, “Ok guys. We’ve got 4 junglers and a support.. but so do they! Let’s do this.” I can’t wait. :)

See you on the Rift. ^_^


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