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  • Neeko's Help was the first consumable item in Teamfight Tactics.
    • It also was the only consumable item until V10.19.
  • The item's name references the League of Legends champion Neeko Neeko, and its icon is reused from her Shapesplitter Shapesplitter ability.

Patch History

  • New Effect: Now comes with 2 additional gold if acquired through a blue box.
  • Now comes with 5 additional coins if acquired through a gold box, instead of 3 additional gold.
  • New Effect: Now always works, if there's nothing left in the pool, creates a temporary extra champion. The extra champ generated is extra, and when sold or the player is defeated does not go back into the bag.
  • New Effect: If attempting to use it on a champion with no copies left in the champion pool, now returns an error message.
V9.19 - September 26th Hotfix
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where players could make copies of the item.
V9.18 - Added
  • Consume: Place on a champion, pulls a 1-star unit of that champion from the pool and add it to your bench.
  • Drops From: Mystery boxes.