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"It is just as the spies described."

This article has recently been converted to the new character-focused layout but it needs a lore enthusiast to help fill-out the sections. In addition, 'Relations trivia' and 'Lore trivia' have been moved here but need restructuring into article content - lore is no longer trivia.

If you're eager to help but would like to reference a completed character article: Aurelion Sol, Jinx, Mel, and Viego are excellent.

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Necrit (Universe)Necrit (Universe)


Early Life

Nunyo Necrit lived as an adviser to Camavoran royalty up until the reign of young Viego Viego. After the queen's queen's death, he witnessed the country being to collapse as the king descended into madness. He accompanied the grieving king on the journey to the Blessed Isles Crest icon.png Blessed Isles, and fell victim to the ruination that transformed all souls across the land. Luckily, Necrit's will remained intact, and he would explore the isles, rounding up other sane souls to establish a safe haven.

Return of Viego

Centuries later, Necrit catches word that Thresh Thresh seeks to bring forth the Ruined King from slumber. At the same time, a formidable band of interlopers would arrive to the isles in search for answers. After observing their strength, Necrit appears before them and exposes the state of the land, and the impending doom about to be unleashed. With his supply of information, the warriors manage to triumph over the Ruined King and seal him away.








Viego Viego

"It is obvious to me in hindsight that it was not Isolde's death that fueled Viego's delusions, nor his need for fulfillment, but simply that something he desperately wanted was denied him."
— Nunyo Necrit, LoR Champion Indicator.png5Viego

Necrit observed a form of desire within Viego's heart, a void that could not possibly be satisfied, except seemingly by his love of Isolde. After the queen's death, Necrit could see in hindsight that the king's delusions—his obsession—was merely a pursuit of reclaiming a treasure that was denied from him.

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Starring Champion


  • The character Necrit was created in reference to a youtuber of the same name who mostly focuses on covering the lore of Runeterra in his videos.
  • His original debut in the lore was as a historian referenced in the descriptions of the cards released during the Sentinels of Light expansion for Legends of Runeterra icon.png Legends of Runeterra, particularly those cards related to LoR Champion Indicator.png5Viego.
    • His original name in the card descriptions was Nunyo Necritos. This was later changed to Nunyo Necrit.
  • His first visual debut was in the Ruined King icon.png Ruined King game.


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