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Navori Flickerblade is a legendary item in League of Legends icon League of Legends.


Navori Flickerblade item
Navori Flickerblade
2600 Gold 2600 (900 Gold 900)
Dagger item
300 Gold 300
Zeal item
1100 Gold 1100 (200 Gold 200)
Dagger item
300 Gold 300
Dagger item
300 Gold 300

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold efficiency

  • Navori Flickerblade's Navori Flickerblade's base stats are 99.14% gold efficient.

Similar items


  • Transcendence will not trigger if the user declares the attack while Blind icon blinded.
  • Transcendence will also trigger from abilities that apply on-attack effects.
  • Transcendence's cooldown reduction is not granted if hitting a structure.

Map-Specific Differences

Arena icon Arena differences edit
  • Attack speed changed to 35%.


Ionia Crest icon

Patch History

V14.10 - Added
  • Replaces Navori Quickblades Navori Quickblades.
  • Recipe: Dagger Dagger + Zeal Zeal + Dagger Dagger + 900 Gold 900 = 2600 Gold 2600.
  • Stats: 40% attack speed, 25% critical strike chance, 7% movement speed.
  • Unique Passive - Transcendence: Basic attacks on-attack reduce the remaining cooldowns of your basic abilities by 15%.
  • Limited to 1 Navori Flickerblade.


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