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Keyword Summon.png Summoned

    "They'll never see me coming."
    "Shh, quietly!"
    "They picked the wrong road."

Keyword Summon.png Summon effect

    "Something for the road?"
    "Don't ask how I got it..."
    "Got what I came for."

Attack Declared

    "Catch me if you can!"
    "Down from the trees!"
    "Closing in on the mark!"

Block Declared

    "Looking for this?"
    "This one's trouble!"

Keyword Death.svg Death

    Navori Bladescout groans.
    "My pockets."


  • Internally, this card is called Navori Quickblade.

Change Log

Navori Bladescout
Expedition Preview Patch
  • Power increased to 2 from 1.
  • Text becomes: "When I'm Keyword Summon.png summoned, give me Keyword Elusive.svg Elusive this round."
Announce Preview Patch
  • Added.
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