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Nunu Stone Cold

Nunu OriginalSquare Nunu & Willump OriginalSquare Willump near Naljaäg

Naljaäg is a simple milling settlement beneath a waterfall. Its original name has been lost to stone. It was cursed until Nunu OriginalSquare Nunu and Willump OriginalSquare Willump cleansed the area.


Naljaäg map

Naljaäg Map

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  • Nunu OriginalSquare Nunu traveled through Naljaäg with Willump OriginalSquare Willump during his adventures.



KrugSquare Krugs are magical fusion of flora, fauna, and rock native to Valoran. Despite its rock like appearance, its behavior is very much of an animal reminiscent of a bear, wolf, or a bettle. The creature is powered by nature magic. Larger forms of this creature are called Ancient KrugSquare Ancient Krugs.


Story of Naljaäg

Where waters

Once roared,
Winds whisper
To stone.
In shadow,
Naljaäg lies.
Silence sings.

Hope survives.


Nunu & Willump, the Boy and his Yeti - Login Screen

Nunu & Willump, the Boy and his Yeti - Login Screen

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