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Nagakabouros RuinedKing Concept 03.jpg
Nagakabouros (Universe)Nagakabouros (Universe)
Nagakabouros (Legends of Runeterra)Nagakabouros (Legends of Runeterra)

Nagakabouros is a spirit god entity worshiped in the Bilgewater region. Illaoi Illaoi wields Nagakabouros' power in combat as her Truth Bearer.


It is unknown when Nagakabouros came into existence, only that the worship of the Mother Serpent started at the Serpent Isles during the Westward Migration. Known also as the Goddess of Motion, Nagakabouros is the reigning deity of Bilgewater Crest icon.png Bilgewater.

As stated by the truth-bearers of her religion, she demands that you follow your desires, take your own life into your hands, and never stagnate. To do otherwise is to go against Mother Serpent's wishes.

The Mother Serpent chooses to speak to a select few people, particularly the Truth Bearers such as Illaoi Illaoi. However, sometimes she would speak to those outside of her religion, such as Pyke Pyke, even quelling the other voices inside his head. This indicates that she works independently from the entities in the Swimming City.


While often depicted as a tentacled Kraken with many eyes and sharp teeth, the avatar manifestation of her has a more humanoid appearance.

Avatar of Nagakabouros manifests as a muscular green+skinned woman with tattoos around her body. She wears clothing with ornate kraken patterns, including a face mask only showing her multiple sets of eyes. The tentacles extend from her head mimicking hair dreads.


Not much is known about Nagakabouros' personality, only that she simply wishes beings to live active and fulfilling lives, bestowing her blessings to those that follow this life path.


  • Spirit God: Nagakabouros is an ancient divine being embodying a particular aspect of the world, in this case, ocean, ocean storms, life, and motion. Nagakabouros nurtures herself from both her role as an ocean and motion god and the belief and memory of worshipers.
    • Immortality: As the goddess of ocean and motion, so long as those elements exist in Runeterra and people still believe and remember her, Nagakabouros will continue existing.
    • Ocean Magic: Nagakabouros wields the power of the ocean capable of many feats of strength and magic. She is capable of creating tidal waves and ocean storms.
    • Avatar Manifestation Avatar Manifestation: She is able to manifest to certain individuals either in the form of tentacles or in the form of a humanoid.
    • Soul Judgment Soul Judgment: As a goddess of motion, she is able to divinely test those that she deems stagnate in life. The strength of the tested is determined by how much a soul is stagnant. If they are too weak, she absorbs them, killing the ones tested. If the spirit is strong enough, they are deemed worthy by the Goddess and allowed to continue their lives.



She is the main deity of the Buhru island inhabitants. She often communicates with them through her Truth Bearers such as Illaoi Illaoi.

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  • The first canonical mention of Nagakabouros appeared during the release of Illaoi Illaoi. Subsiquently, most of the characterizations of her occur during Illaoi related stories.



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