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「 "Single-handedly achieving Pentakill Mordekaiser profileiconPentakill Karthus profileiconPentakill Yorick profileiconPentakill Sona profileiconPentakill Olaf profileicon five champion kills in short succession, leaving the enemy nexus exposed to shredding." - Terminology (League of Legends) 」「 "Single-handedly achieving Pentakill Mordekaiser profileiconPentakill Karthus profileiconPentakill Yorick profileiconPentakill Sona profileiconPentakill Olaf profileiconPentakill Kayle profileicon six champion kills in short succession, leaving the enemy nexus exposed to shredding." - Terminology (League of Legends) 」

Ezreal 71
*squeals* "Mortal Reminder is my favorite song! Please sign my cannon arm!"
Ezreal PulsefireCircle Pulsefire Ezreal

Pentakill is also a virtual band in real-life comprised of League of Legends champions which are performed by numerous musicians. Each member of the band has a skin corresponding to their Pentakill alter-ego, which is styled after modern heavy metal music.[1]

The Band

  • Karthus PentakillCircle Pentakill Karthus
    Lead singer of heavy-metal sensation PENTAKILL, Karthus sings in the voice of a fallen angel made of freshly polished chrome and dynamite that eats other dynamite. His vocals explode the sun in the sky, igniting the flame of metal within the hearts of all who hear.
  • Kayle PentakillCircle Pentakill Kayle
    When PENTAKILL needed a female vocalist, the heavens parted and a literal angel of rock fell to earth, taking up her sword-mic for the eternal glory of heavy metal.
  • Mordekaiser PentakillCircle Pentakill Mordekaiser
    PENTAKILL's gigantic lead guitarist—and a titan of the old world—Mordekaiser rocks with the fury of an epoch lost to time. Bigger than a two-story house, his guitar overflows with heavy metal licks rebuking the gods themselves.
  • Olaf PentakillCircle Pentakill Olaf
    Good drummers have rhythm, huge body counts, and are accursed vikings with an insatiable desire to kill. PENTAKILL's Olaf is a very, very good drummer.
  • Sona PentakillCircle Pentakill Sona
    Never tell Sona of PENTAKILL that keyboards aren't metal. Her instrument is filled with living barbed wire and a sonic scream loud enough to bring other, lesser musical genres crashing to their knees.
  • Yorick PentakillCircle Pentakill Yorick
    Yorick was resurrected with the undying soul of heavy metal inside him for the singular purpose of joining PENTAKILL and melting faces with his bass guitar. He can also summon an army of roadie ghouls, a handy trick for any seasoned stage performer.

"My rig doesn't just hit eleven. It ******* melts eleven." - Mordekaiser PentakillCircle Pentakill Mordekaiser

When a mountain fell on Mordekaiser, he took it as a sign from the Gods of Metal that his demonically-ordained task to bring metal to the masses was done, that he had achieved full metal. He knew he would one day be reborn, but as time passed, his wait became a slumber. The crushing mountain was an evil peak of black metal and cursed rock. Upon its highest summit, the gleaming, obsidian haft of a snarling axe protruded from the rock. Legends grew around this cursed place, legends that foretold whosoever drew the axe from the mountain would be the true herald of a new age of metal.

"Come what ever may, I'll be the death of you." - Karthus PentakillCircle Pentakill Karthus

Karthus embarked on a solo career in Bilgewater, earning a crust as a hooded reciter of funeral dirges. This had an unexpected health benefit to natives of Bilgewater, as people started looking after themselves rather than have to put their families through such an ordeal. Karthus made a career touring squalid dive bars to sing at the drunken wakes of murdered pirates instead - what with grim dirges being a vast improvement on sea-shanties.

"More bass. Turn the bass up. Turn the ******* bass up. More. More." - Yorick PentakillCircle Pentakill Yorick

Thinking he'd try something new, Yorick chose to vacation in the sun-bleached wastes of Shurima. Sunlight was something new to him, something he normally avoided for fear of people recoiling from a face not even a mother could love. His unique bass was the perfect tool to crush the soft rock of Shurima, but often had the side effect of liquefying the sand to a degree where many of the workers excavating distant tombs were buried alive. To many of these unfortunate souls, this was preferable to enduring another moment in the presence of a man who could literally bore rock.

"...!" - Sona PentakillCircle Pentakill Sona

Sona was consumed with the desire to craft soaring symphonic rock operas and tour the grandest temples of the world (and elsewhere) but no acoustics were powerful enough to satisfy her need for the most cosmically resonant sounds. Sona took ship with the doomed crew of the Serpent's Feast to a series of volcanic islands, and began to sculpt the island with sonic brutality. There she unleashed the music of creation. So powerful were her notes, they travelled between worlds and sank entire continents (indeed, a planned gig in Atlantis had to be cancelled).

"Get me a new china, toms, snare, double pedal, and cowbell. Yeah, basically a new set. Old one broke. Caught fire. Yeah I set it on fire." - Olaf PentakillCircle Pentakill Olaf

After surviving what he believed was to be his final performance, Olaf sought to drink himself to death with the deadliest booze of Runeterra. He ended up in the depths of Zaun, drinking potent sump cocktails, bragging of glory days and daring chem-jacked thugs to take them on. Olaf soon found himself embroiled in underground golem fight-clubs. Up against chem-powered giants, Olaf found his natural talent for pounding drums was also good for pounding mechanical automatons to pieces.

"Does molten lava, poured by The Brazen Gods of Metal, flow through your veins? Only then are you worthy of my time."- Kayle PentakillCircle Pentakill Kayle

A golden warrior goddess from a strife-torn world, Kayle arrived in Runeterra on the back of a glittering, serpentine dragon. She searches for allies to fight an epic war against the diabolical hordes of her faithless sister. Planet Earth had failed to produce warriors of mettle, so she travelled to Runeterra in search of warriors of metal. Communicating via grand, symphonic metal operas, the depthless sorrow of her arias pierce the hearts of all who hear them. Literally.


Smite and Ignite

Pentakill Album Smite and Ignite

Freljord Crest icon

Music Video

Smite and Ignite

By Pentakill

The era of metal has begun.

Grasp of the Undying

Pentakill Album Grasp of the Undying

Bandle City Crest icon

Music Video

Grasp of the Undying

By Pentakill

No one shreds like the undead.

Playtime with Gnar

Series 1


  • The Prophecy and From Fire, Reborn are tracks with no substantial music or in-game references but, rather, they allude to their respective albums as well as Pentakill themselves.
  • Karthus PentakillCircle Pentakill Karthus' to-do list can be seen in Mortal Reminder music video (although very briefly):
    • Pick up dry cleaning
    • Nail salon (mani / pedi)
    • Rotate tires
    • Rotate mid
    • Vanquish enemies
    • Find out where those minions keep coming from
    • Think about entire life
    • Think about entire death
    • Does Kayle have a boyfriend?
      • This hints that he may have a crush on Kayle PentakillCircle Kayle.
  • Pentakill shares universe with DJ, K/DA, and True Damage.[2]


Pentakill - Mortal Reminder (video) - Grasp of the Undying

Pentakill - Mortal Reminder (video) - Grasp of the Undying

Pentakill - Mortal Reminder (video) - Grasp of the Undying

Pentakill - Mortal Reminder (video) - Grasp of the Undying

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