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Movement speed icon Movement speed is a champion statistic that represents the rate at which a champion travels across a map. One movement speed point translates to one game distance unit traveled per second (as a frame of reference, Teemo OriginalSquare Teemo's diameter is 100 units). For example, a champion with 300 movement speed will be able to walk three Teemo OriginalSquare Teemos in one second.

Each champion has a collision radius that determines their ability to path around units and for units to path around them. The smaller the collision radius, the easier it is for them for move through units without getting blocked. The collision radius is different from the radius for getting hit by skillshots.

Each champion begins the game with a base amount of movement speed that ranges from 315 (Janna OriginalSquare Janna) to 355 (e.g. Pantheon OriginalSquare Pantheon). The base amount of movement speed a champion can have ranges from 285 (Kled OriginalSquare Kled while unmounted) to 400 (Cassiopeia OriginalSquare Cassiopeia at level 18). For a list of all champions' base movement speed, see base champion statistics.

This base movement speed can be increased by flat bonuses and percentage bonuses and reduced by slows. These effects can come from items, champion abilities, summoner spells, runes and environmental buffs.


A champion's movement speed is given by the following formula:

(Base MS + Flat MS bonuses) × (1 + Sum of all Additive Percent MS bonuses) × (1 - Highest Slow ratio) × Product of (1 + any Multiplicative Movement Speed bonus)
  • "MS" is an abbreviation for Movement Speed

Add any flat bonuses to the champion's base movement speed; the total flat movement speed will be the baseline for the percentage bonuses. Add all additive percentage bonuses together, add 100% to the result, and multiply it with the total flat movement speed. Then, if applicable, apply the slow reduction and any special multiplicative bonuses (Heal, Mercurial Scimitar, and certain champion abilities) one at a time. If the result is over 415 or under 220 movement speed, apply soft caps as described below.

Movement speed caps

When the raw movement speed is greater than 415, there are two soft caps applied:

  • The raw speed between 415 and 490 gets multiplied by 80%.
  • The raw speed over 490 gets multiplied by 50%.

The two ranges have their reductions applied at the same time before being added back together.

As an example, if the calculated raw speed is 600 before soft caps kick in, it is reduced to (600 − 490) × 0.5 + (490 − 415) × 0.8 + 415 = 530, which means an 11.7% reduction of the original movement speed.

These are the simplified formulas:

  • If the raw speed is 415 or lower, no cap is applied.
  • If the raw speed is between 415 and 490, final speed is soft capped to RawMS × 0.8 + 83.
  • If the raw speed is above 490, final speed is soft capped to RawMS × 0.5 + 230.

When the raw movement speed is less than 220 another soft cap is used:

  • If the raw speed is below 220, final speed is changed to RawMS × 0.5 + 110.
Example 1: If the calculated raw speed is 180 before soft caps kick in, it is increased to 180 × 0.5 + 110 = 200.
Example 2: If the calculated raw speed is 0 before soft caps kick in, it is increased to 0 × 0.5 + 110 = 110.

Only the slow with the highest value is taken into movement speed calculations. All additional slows are ignored until the higher-valued slow wears off.

Slow Resist

Slow Resist is a statistic that reduces the effectiveness of slows by a percentage.

Movement speed as scaling

These use the champion's personal movement speed to increase the magnitude of the ability. By building movement speed items or casting spells you can receive more benefit and power from these abilities in most situations.

Movement abilities

Other abilities

Increasing flat movement speed

The bonus given by these items or champion abilities are flat increases to the champion's base movement speed. These flat bonuses will increase the effectiveness of percentage bonuses.

Purchasing boots from the store grants a champion a flat increase in movement speed. Movement speed boosts from boots are unique passives, hence the bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack. The bonus from boots is quite big compared to their cost and is essential for all champions.

Gold Value ​​​​​​​​​

  • Flat movement speed has a gold value of Gold 12 per point.



Champion abilities


Increasing percentage movement speed

The bonus movement speed given by these items or champion abilities are based on a percentage of the bonus compared to your total flat movement speed (before all sources of percentage movement speed bonuses are factored in). Percentage movement speed will Additive stacking icon stack additively with other sources of percentage movement speed, unless the bonus movement speed is one of the few exceptions that Multiple stacking icon stack multiplicatively.

All percentage bonuses from the items listed below stack additively with one another.

Gold Value ​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Percent movement speed has a gold value of Gold 39.5 per point.


Item Cost Amount Availability
Aether Wisp item Aether Wisp850 Gold5 % (Unique)All maps
Ardent Censer item Ardent Censer2300 Gold8 % (Unique)All maps
Lich Bane item Lich Bane3200 Gold7 %All maps
Phantom Dancer item Phantom Dancer2600 Gold7 %All maps
Rapid Firecannon item Rapid Firecannon2600 Gold7 %All maps
Runaan's Hurricane item Runaan's Hurricane2600 Gold9 %All maps
Spellbinder item Spellbinder2900 Gold10 %All maps
Statikk Shiv item Statikk Shiv2600 Gold7 %All maps
Trinity Force item Trinity Force3733 Gold5 %All maps
Trinity Fusion item Trinity Fusion3733 Gold8 %All maps
Twin Shadows item Twin Shadows2400 Gold7 %All maps
Wit's End item Wit's End2900 Gold5 %All maps
Zeal item Zeal1400 Gold7 % (Unique)All maps

Champion abilities

Summoner spells


Neutral Buffs

  • Cloud Dragon Soul buff Cloud Dragon Soul
  • Visiting the shop on Summoner's Rift starting at 20 minutes in game grants 75% bonus movement speed that decays over 7 seconds, scaling up to 150% at 40 minutes.
    • With Hand of Baron buff Hand of Baron, the bonus becomes 125% and 200% respectively.

Multiplicative speed boosts

Most speed boosts Additive stacking icon stack additively, but a select few Multiple stacking icon stack multiplicatively with other speed boosts. These do not stack additionally with other percentage movement speed bonus, but rather are multiplied after all other percentage movement speed have been calculated. Movement speed obtained thanks to the formula is still affected by movement speed caps (see above).



Summoner spells

Decreasing movement speed

There are many ways to decrease a champion's movement speed, with the most usual one being through champion abilities. For a full list of slows, see here.

Base movement speeds by champion

Movement SpeedChampion

Old slow stacking

Since patch V5.13 only slow with the highest value is affecting. All additional slows are ignored.

Prior to patch V5.13 slow stacked:

Slowing effects followed particular rules when stacking:

  • If a champion was affected by multiple slows, the strongest one would be fully applied, while the others were applied sequentially with 65% reduced effectiveness down to 35% of its original strength.
  • Attacking a champion with the Crest of Cinders buff Crest of Cinders buff when the target was already affected by that slow would reapply the debuff, resetting its duration. It would NOT increase the slow amount. The same holded true for the Exhaust Exhaust summoner spell.


A champion with a raw movement speed of 400 was affected by a 2 second long 40% slow and a 5 second long 20% slow at the same time.

  • For the first two seconds, they would have (1 − 0.4) × (1 − 0.2 × 0.35) = 0.6 × 0.93 = 55.8% of his original movement speed (a 44.2% effective slow). So he would have 400 × 0.558 = 223.2 raw movement speed.
  • For the following three seconds, the effective slow would be 20% and so he would have 400 × 0.8 = 320 movement speed.
  • After that, he would return to his normal speed of 400.
LoL - Movement Speed & Slows

LoL - Movement Speed & Slows


  • The old stat icon for Stat icon movement speed movement speed was an edited version of the icon of Boots of Speed item Boots of Speed.

Last updated: January 8th, 2020, patch V10.1

  • Rammus OriginalSquare Rammus' movement speed:
    • Base = 335
    • Items = Boots of Mobility item 115 + Righteous Glory item 75% + Youmuu's Ghostblade item (40 + 20%) + Spellbinder item 60% + Dead Man's Plate item 60 = 215 flat movement speed + 155% bonus movement speed
    • Runes = Predator rune 67.5%* + Relentless Hunter rune 55 + Approach Velocity rune 15% + Magical Footwear rune 10 = 65 flat movement speed + 82.5% bonus movement speed
    • Buffs = Surging Tides 800.896 + Celestial Blessing 175.034% + Whimsy 115.531% + Shurelya's Reverie item 40% + Guardian rune 20% + Time Warp 99% + Hand of Baron buff 200% +  Ghost 45% = 800.896 flat movement speed + 694.565% bonus movement speed
    • Total Movement Speed Multiplier = Powerball 3.35 × Mercurial Scimitar item 1.5 × Heal 1.3 = 6.5325
      • Rammus OriginalSquare Rammus' Movement Speed = (215 + 65 + 800.896 + 335) × (1 + 1.55 + 0.825 + 6.94565) × 6.5325 = 95,459.2073 movement speed before soft caps
  • Soft caps:
    • Rammus OriginalSquare Rammus' Movement Speed = 95,459.2073 × 0.5 + 230 = 47,959.6034 movement speed

Infinite MS Theory

There is a theory that allow 2 players, one from each team, to reach infinite amount of movement speed. It require the same set-up as seen just before, twice, each per team, but with a Malphite OriginalSquare Malphite replacing the Rammus OriginalSquare Rammus. The theory is simple: Team 1 speeds up Malphite 1, and as soon as he reaches his highest amount Malphite 2 steals Malphite 1 movement speed with Seismic Shard Seismic Shard, and get speeds up by Team 2. Then as soon as he reaches his highest amount Malphite 1 steals Malphite 2 movement speed with Seismic Shard Seismic Shard and get speeds up by Team 1. Repeat the operation an infinite amount of time and in the end Malphite 1 or Malphite 2 will have an infinite amount of movement speed. As seen in this video.

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