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Mother of Life River map

Mother of Life River Map

Mother of Life River is an artificially made river that magically springs from the Oasis of the Dawn inside The Sun Disc capital of Shurima. Renek River and Kahleek River flow from it, while the Mother of Life river connects to the Serpentine River. It sprang to life again after the rise of Shurima.


Related Champions

  • Azir OriginalSquare Azir Ascension caused the rebirth of the river.
  • Sivir OriginalSquare Sivir was healed at the Oasis of the Dawn.
  • Taliyah OriginalSquare Taliyah's family and tribe migrated to the capital due to the rebirth of the river.


Runeterra Adventure Shurima

Runeterra Adventure Shurima

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Shurima Rise of the Ascended Cinematic - League of Legends

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