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"They're Noxians now. I'll teach them what that means."
— Colm Onren, As Stone

Morrin is a Noxian town located in northern Valoran. Close to Kimir, their neighbors flowers were highly coveted by Morrin.


A well-placed bundle of blue stargazer flowers won a war in the past between Kimir and Morrin before it began. After Kimir was conquered by Noxus, its warbands later came to conquer Morrin as well.


Blue Stargazers

Blue Stargazers are a type of decorative flowers that grow around the city of Kimir. Its blue hue is used to as a dye for clothing as well as limestone and shale. A well-placed bundle of blue stargazers won the war with the city of Morrin before it began.


As city conquered by the Noxian empire, Morrin was shortly led by Noxus As Stone 02.jpg General Hama until a steward was chosen for the town. Morrin leaders are also referred to as elders, a remnant of their pre-Noxian days. Elder Mati was Morrin's last elder before the town became part of Noxus.