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  • Morgana might have been named after Morgan le Fay from the King Arthur mythos.
    • During development she was simply called FallenAngel, then 'Morgana Le' and 'Morgana Hex', until finally dropping the last name and being just 'Morgana'.
    • Her name derives from Proto-Celtic,[1] whose meaning is debatable:
      • Most straightforwardly *Mori-genā "sea-born";
      • Or Morā-riganis "phantom queen".
  • Morgana and KayleSquare Kayle's story resembles the struggle between Michael & Satan, dating back to Early Christianity.[2]
MorganaSquare Morgana, the Fallen
MorganaSquare old3 Morgana, Fallen Angel


  • Kayle and MorganaSquare Morgana are the children of the Aspect of Justice because Riot wanted to explore the idea of children of Aspects.[3]
  • Riot moved away, narratively, from Kayle and Morgana stemming from a race of angels due to angels having certain cultural connotations that would be harder to expand upon as Riot moves the narrative setting forward.[4]
  • Riot decided to only partially update Morgana's kit during her Visual Gameplay Update due to her having a timeless kit that was consistently healthy throughout the years.[5]
  • Several scrapped spells tested for Morgana include:[6][7]
    • A version of her passive that would grant her bonus movement speed towards enemies, 100% spellvamp and expel waves of true damage damage for 6 seconds once she dropped below 30% maximum health.
    • A version of her passive that would grant her bonus movement towards enemies she had damaged or her allies had crowd controlled.
    • A version of her passive that would grant her bonus auto attack range towards enemies she had snared.
    • A version of her ultimate that allow to her ascend with ranks like Kayle and would give her bonuses including bonus movement speed, spellvamp and true damage.
    • A version of Tormented Soil Tormented Soil that would critically strike against low health targets.


  • Kayle and MorganaSquare Morgana are both ascended hosts of the Aspect of Justice. They share the power of the aspect due to their mother, who was the former ascended host of the aspect, being pregnant with them during her ascension. Both sisters retained some essence from both their ascended mother and the aspect during their early years.
    • Morgana and KayleSquare Kayle currently have less celestial power than the other Aspects due to being the children of an Aspect but have free will and a more unified identity.[8]
    • Morgana and KayleSquare Kayle became ascended when their wings materialized shortly after their mother's swords fell from the heavens.[9]
    • Morgana's wings break free from their bonds when she uses Soul Shackles Soul Shackles and she surrenders herself to her celestial powers.[10]
    • Morgana rejects her celestial heritage and in turn her magic has become twisted and corrupt.[11]
    • MorganaSquare Morgana's Black Shield Black Shield and KayleSquare Kayle's Divine Judgement Divine Judgement come from the same source but are interpreted in different ways due to their opposing viewpoints.[12]
  • Morgana currently resides in the outlying wilds of Demacia and rectifies wrongs she sees fit on an interpersonal level as the Veiled One.[13]
  • Morgana's view on justice is more nuanced then Kayle's as she cares more about the intent of why someone would commit a crime. She believes criminals deserve to feel the pain and suffering they have inflicted in order to truly reform, redeem themselves and feel empathy for others.[14]
  • The way Demacia views the Veiled Lady has changed over the years, some see her has a figure of punishment and others see her as a figure of judgement.[15]


Morgana OriginalCircle Original Morgana
Chromaskins Chromas: Ebony, Pale, Toxic
Morgana ExiledCircle Exiled Morgana
Morgana SinfulSucculenceCircle Sinful Succulence Morgana
Morgana BladeMistressCircle Blade Mistress Morgana
Morgana BlackthornCircle Blackthorn Morgana
  • She might be referencing Morgan le Fay from the King Arthur mythos.
  • While not directly sharing a splash art with Kayle ViridianCircle Viridian Kayle, their splash arts can join together to make one larger image.
Morgana GhostBrideCircle Ghost Bride Morgana
Morgana VictoriousCircle Victorious Morgana
Morgana LunarWraithCircle Lunar Wraith Morgana
Morgana BewitchingCircle Bewitching Morgana


  • Both KayleSquare Kayle and MorganaSquare Morgana are twin siblings, Kayle being the older of the two. Their relationship soured after the event that lead to the death of their father.