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  • Due to this trait have small pool of low cost champions, it require player to focus in early game.
  • Having a Chosen Moonlight make it easier to achieve the 3 Moonlight bonus, as well as making 5 Moonlight bonus possible.


  • 4 Star4-Star units have 583.2% of the maximum health and attack damage of the 1 Star1-star version of that unit.


  • Due to require high rolling, having 2 players play Moonlight, or some players use different champions of the trait would effectively reduce this trait bonus.

Patch History

  • New Effect: 5 Moonlights synergy stars up 2 lowest star-level Moonlight units.
V10.19 - Added
  • Synergy: While at least 3 Moonlight units are in play, at the start of combat, the lowest star-level Moonlight unit stars up until combat ends, prioritizing the unit with the most items. This can increase a champion's Star-level to 4-Stars.
  • Champions: Aphelios OriginalSquare Aphelios, Diana OriginalSquare Diana, Lissandra CovenSquare Lissandra, Sylas LunarWraithSquare Sylas.
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