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   "I carve my kingdom beyond, from the ashes of nothing, no mortals, not even gods, will stop me from claiming what is mine."
Mordekaiser Mordekaiser

Mitna Rachnun is an afterlife pocket realm in the larger death realm in which Mordekaiser Mordekaiser reigns.


Mitna Rachnun was once an empty afterlife: a gray wasteland, shrouded by ethereal fog and plagued by Ochnun whispers, with lost souls wandering and eventually fading into the fog.

All of this changed when Sahn-Uzal refused to fade. This fierce determination let him persist long enough to learn Ochnun, a profane tongue unspoken by any among the living. He whispered from beyond the veil to mortals, until a coven of sorcerers brought him back by binding him to iron armor. From this day he was given a new name in Ochnun: Mordekaiser.

After Mordekaiser ruled and massacred eastern Valoran for almost three centuries, he was banished back to Mitna Rachnun, where all the souls all those who had died under his latest reign were waiting. Perverted by dark sorcery, their spirits would never fade. The strongest souls would compose his devout army and the weak would be the building blocks of the new castles and buildings that would form Mordekaiser's new afterlife.

And now, almost 1100 years after his banishement, Mordekaiser's afterworld is complete, and he prepares to claim every soul into his Final Reign.

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