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"Mess with the bull and you get the horns!"
Alistar Alistar

Minotaurs are enormous humanoid bovines. They live in great tribes in the vicinity of Piltover and Noxus, and are quite noble and valorous in their ways. Many Minotaur clans joined the Noxian Minotaur Smith.jpg war machine; those that opposed the empire have been enslaved and forced to fight as gladiators in the brutal Noxian event known as the Fleshing. Alistar Alistar, the Minotaur, is a survivor of this game and seeks to protect his people from the harsh treatment he endured. Some minotaurs migrated to Demacia and integrated into the kingdom's society; there are even some in the Dauntless Vanguard Crest icon.png Dauntless Vanguard.


Minotaur Champions

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The Destroyer

"To safeguard the spaces between land and sky, a horned guardian was placed in the stars over the mountains. Sturdy and swift, it traverses the night sky in search of intruders, whom it greets with an impact that sends shudders through earth and sky alike."
— The Minotaur Histories


Dauntless Vanguard Minotaurs

"You can't milk those."
Alistar Alistar

While minotaurs come in various shapes and sizes, all minotaurs have commonly shared physical features.

Minotaurs are a bovine anthropomorphic race, often mistaken for Vastaya or God-Warriors. They are massive, muscular, and have horns. Minotaur horns come in various shapes and sizes, some individuals even have horns with multiple points. Their entire bodies are covered in hair, which can come in various colors; we know of brown, cyan, and purple minotaurs. This hair can be short or long, and peaks in a ridge down a minotaur's spine, looking a bit like a mane. Minotaurs have three digit hands, though some can be seen with four or five digits. Like other bovines, they have digitigrade legs with hooves instead of human-like legs and feet. Minotaurs have eyes that appear to glow red, though some may not have this. It is unknown what female minotaurs look like or whether they have any significant physical differences from male minotaurs.

Powerful enough to shake the ground they stomp on, minotaurs are an imposing race often sought after as reckoners, warriors, and soldiers. They use their horns as additional weapons, though they are not able to grow back after being damaged or sliced off.


  • While sharing anthropomorphic features with the Vastaya and God-Warriors, the Minotaurs are their own distinct race. A vastaya and an ascended may take forms similar to minotaurs, but they would not be considered the same race.[1]


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