• On modes without minions, Minion Dematerializer is exchanged with Future's Market rune Future's Market.
  • Activating a Minion Dematerializer item Minion Dematerializer while also having a Spoils of War item (Relic Shield item Targon's Brace item Remnant of the Aspect item) will share the Gold kill gold and heal the nearby allied champion.
  • If the targeted minion dies before fully Dematerializing you will still gain the bonus damage.
  • Minion Dematerializer's bonus damage applies to Smite Smite's damage against minions.


  • Minion Dematerializer is best utilized if at least one Minion Dematerializer is used on each type of minion.

Map-Specific Differences

Howling Abyss icon Howling Abyss differences:
  • Initial cooldown changed to 120 seconds.

Patch History

  • Number of Minion Dematerializer item Minion Dematerializers reduced to 3 from 6.
  • Bonus damage to minions increased to 6% from 4%.
  • Bonus damage against the same type of minion increased to 3% from 1%.
  • Initial cooldown reduced to 180 seconds from 240.
  • Initial cooldown increased to 240 seconds from 155.
V7.22 Added
  • Inspiration icon Inspiration Slot 2 rune.
    • Passive: Start the game with 6 Minion Dematerializer item Minion Dematerializers, that can be activated to execute and absorb the target Melee minion, Caster minion or Siege minion. Dematerializers begin the game on a 155 second cooldown.
    • Absorbing a minion grants you the Gold kill gold, experience, and 4% increased damage to that type of minion for the remainder of the game. Subsequent Dematerializers used on the same type of minion increases this bonus by 1%, up to a maximum of 9% if all six are used on the same minion type.
    • Cooldown: 10 seconds.
    • Range: 550 units.


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