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Minions are a group of beings usually controlled or guided by a stronger power or individuals. They are present in most universes in various shapes and purposes but often as robed or armored small humanoids.


Most minions are magical constructs summoned for battle. Minions can be both sentient or sapient depending on the universe.

In linkRuneterra Legacy (Universe) Runeterra Legacy universe, they were controlled by adept-level summoners. Summoning an army of minions requires a vast upkeep of magical energy, to which a nexus is easily capable of sustaining. Minion bodies can be magically constructed from several sources, including animated magic scrolls, animated sand, magically animated bolts of cloth, and even sound.


One of the earliest recorded use of minions for battles was at the battlefield known as Summoner's Rift in the linkRuneterra Legacy (Universe) Legacy universe, where summoners from ancient sides known as the Protectorate (Stag crest) and Magelord (Owl crest) fought against each other. In the linkMarauders Versus Wardens (Universe) Marauders Versus Wardens universe, their descendants continue the battle using minion armies.



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