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Mikael's Blessing is a legendary item in League of Legends icon League of Legends.


Mikael's Blessing item
Mikael's Blessing
2300 Gold 2300 (700 Gold 700)
Kindlegem item
800 Gold 800 (150 Gold 150)
Forbidden Idol item
800 Gold 800 (550 Gold 550)

Cost Analysis

Gold Value

Gold efficiency

  • Mikael's Blessing's Mikael's Blessing's base stats are 119.2% gold efficient.

Similar items


  • Purify is a unit-targeted effect.
  • Purify's cast does not break Guerrilla Warfare stealth.
  • Purify has no cast time.
  • Purify will also cleanse all applicable crowd control effects that apply ~0.2 seconds after it has been used. This can be used to preemptively Remove Scurvy cleanse crowd control that denies activation of abilities (such as being Silence icon silenced) from yourself if used shortly before the impact. The applied crowd control will still trigger effects that trigger from crowd control application.
  • Purify will not remove self Slow icon slows (except Quinn's Quinn's Behind Enemy Lines Behind Enemy Lines).

Map-Specific Differences

Arena icon Arena differences edit
  • Ability haste changed to 0.
  • Health changed to 400.
  • Heal and shield power changed to 16%.
  • Purify heal changed to 150 − 240 (based on target's level).
  • Purify cooldown changed to 45 seconds.


Sound Effects


Patch History

  • Removed: Purify can no longer lock-on and cast to allied minions.
  • Bug Fix: Can no longer improperly target non-champions with the nearby-target-search that was recently added to the active effect.
  • New Recipe: Kindlegem Kindlegem + Forbidden Idol Forbidden Idol + 700 Gold 700 = 2300 Gold 2300.
  • Heal and shield power reduced to 12% from 15%.
  • Ability haste increased to 15 from 0.
  • Removed Unique Passive - Harmony: Gain 25% base health regeneration for every additional 25% base mana regeneration.
  • Bug Fix: No longer tagged as a magic resistance item for the shop.
  • New Recipe: Chalice of Blessing Chalice of Blessing + Forbidden Idol Forbidden Idol + 550 Gold 550 = 2300 Gold 2300.
  • New Stats: 250 health, 100% base mana regeneration, 15% heal and shield power.
    • Old Stats: 15 ability haste, 100% base mana regeneration, 50 magic resistance, 16% heal and shield power.
  • New Passive - Harmony: Gain 25% base health regeneration for every additional 25% base mana regeneration.
  • Purify heal increased to 100 − 250 (based on target's level) froml 100 − 180 (based on target's level).
  • Heal and shield power reduced to 16% from 20%.
  • Heal reduced to 100 − 180 (based on level) from 100 − 200 (based on level).
V10.23 - Added


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