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  • I recently got banned for commenting due to a similar named account spamming. I am not the same person, thanks.

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    • Sabre070, as far as I can tell, your account has never been blocked on this wiki. Can you provide more information on why you think you may have been banned?

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    • Hi, there was a brief period (about 3 minutes) where there was a spam filter that blocked most of the users on Wikia, this block has been undone as soon as we realised there was a problem, and safeguards have been put in palce to make sure we don't do this again. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. For the record, about 17 edits were blocked on this wiki during this time.

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    • Ah, ok. It was just my bad timing to try to comment in those three minuites, lol. Thanks for the info. :)

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    • an anonymous contributor
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