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  • Hey, as part of a general user-rights cleanup, I noticed that you've only rolledback twice in the last six or seven months.  However, since I see that you are still active on the wiki, so please reply if you would like to keep the rollback right.  If you don't reply within a couple days, I'll remove the right, but don't hesitate to reply or otherwise contact me to add it back later.  I reiterate: this isn't any form of punishment or discipline, just keeping user access levels tidy.

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    • Yeah I'd like to keep it. I may not catch every bad change but its nice to have when some one makes a real big mess of a page.

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    • All right :).  Thanks for your prompt response.

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  • hey Sagee,

    i heard (and read) that you're some kind of expert on nidalee.

    i play her since release, but mostly only in normals as AP, which often just doesnt work in rankeds.

    so i wanted to ask you, how do you build her in rankeds in top?

    i heard that getting Warmogs, SpiritVisage, IG, BC is pretty solid, what do you say bout it?

    IG got nerfed, is it still worth getting?

    what masteries/runes do you use on her as tanky AD bruiser?

    WIth kind regards from germany


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    • blade of the ruined king gives a stack of BC? i didnt know that.

      thats definitly a reason to get it.

      the 14-14-2 masteries look interesting, ill go n check it.

      costeffectiveness is not really nidalees strong side, but since she is such a safe champ to play i think its ok.

      ohwell, bavaria counts to western germany too, but i never actually heard of landstuhl :D

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    • Yes at least until it gets hot fixed not to give an extra stack (I hope it doesn't)

      There just isn't a good mastery choice for Nidalee imo but this seems to work for me but may not work for you. I guess you will find out.

      Nidalee used to be very cost effective till the season 2 nerfs hit her  :( and now her most cost effective item isn't even that great for her anymore (Rageblade)

      Landstuhl is actually an old U.S. Army Base that I was born at. My dad was stationed at a nearby Airforce base.

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  • Hi,

    Just letting you know that I renamed both your most recent file uploads to reflect the naming policies for personal files on the wiki.

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  • This is me continuing with the conversation we are having about your rework.

    I do try my best to avoid comparing one champion to the other, but that doesn't mean you are free to balance a champion around nothing. If you look at my argument, I rarely will go comparing one champion to another if I can, but I only used it because there needs to be at least some perspective.

    About her Q, i didn't really care that it had low incentive to rank up because it just gave way for the strong incentive for her other two spells. It wasn't an issue IMO, but it could be change to be more even throughout the game instead of just being freaking strong late game.

    If you really want to hear my opinion on primal surge, then I'll tell you everything I would do to it (besides completely reworking the effect). I would removed that passive effect. I would remove the AoE effect and just make it a single target buff. The duration would be lower, like to 4 seconds, and the cooldown would increase to around 16-12 seconds (scale downward but no lower than 12 seconds). The damage to health effect will be changed to life steal but the value is slightly higher and the bonus attack speed will be the same. (Yes, massive nerfs overall but its too strong for her as it is)

    And about having more distinct feelings with different builds is fine, but u shouldn't be mixing her human and cougar form so much in terms of playstyle. Based on her skillset, her Human form is more support and poking while her cougar form is about the teamfight and mobility. You shouldn't try to force human Nidalee into strong fighter because that makes cougar unneeded. (This bit is more just my opinion though)

    P.S. I would be grateful if you checked out my little Fiora Remake

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    • But... but... potato soup!

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