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aka Nick, Nikola, Nikolai or just ND.

  • I live in Serbia, Belgrade
  • I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is University Student (Metropolitan University)
  • I am XY
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  • Greetings ND999,

    Not sure if you remember me, and I must preemptively apologize, as this is the only means I have in contacting you since I was permanently banned from the WH40K Fanon Wiki over a year ago. Since certain admins (whom shall not be named) banned me due to my disagreement over the fanon's ignorant and draconian image policy, I had no choice but to move on, and finally went and created my own fandom wiki. If you're interested, we'd love to host your outstanding article over on the WH40K Homebrew Wiki.

    Our wiki is quickly approaching over 1,600 articles, and we've only been around since April 2018! Plus, we have a huge private discord community with over two hundred-plus members of like-minded, helpful and enthusiastic hobbyists and contributors.

    So if you would like to join out all-inclusive, friendly, helpful and active community, I'd like to extend to you an invite. I can even migrate your article over for you, once you give me the go-ahead. I just feel it's a shame that such a cool article is wasting away on a wiki that isn't very active anymore, and it's not being seen by the community at large.

    We are also well known for our high-quality artwork that looks like the professional artwork, as seen in the Forge World 'Horus Heresy' and 'Imperial Armour' books. Your article really deserves some excellent artwork to accompany it. If you'd like to check out some excellent examples of our artwork you can take a look here:

    WH40K Homebrew Wiki - List of Space Marine Chapters.

    I look forward to talking to you. Just drop me a line on my talk page, anytime, on the WH40K Homebrew wiki here.

    Take care! And remember...the Emperor Protects!


    Algrim Whitefang, WH40K Homebrew Founder & Senior Bureaucrat

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    • an anonymous contributor
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