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  • https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/index.php?title=Template%3AData_Rengar%2FSavagery&diff=2818857&oldid=2818853

    This isn't how scalings on auto resets work.

    It's BONUS damage.

    Use your eyes. Please.

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  • https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Template:Data_Riven/Broken_Wings?curid=1309388&diff=2776520&oldid=2705662

    It is a basic attack reset. But because it has a cast time it doesn't count for Hail of Blades. It's just an expection.

    Just because it doesn't work with Hail of Blades doesn't mean it's not a basic attack timer reset.

    I'm not saying this just because.

    I tested it. Using Q will make your basic attacks faster, or reset if you don't count the q cast time.

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    • "you'll still take the same amount of time to attack next time just same as in case about movement command cancelling."

      this is not true. Attacking after q is faster than attacking after a movement command

      And thus, i don't see any proof that it's an animation cancel

      Why not leave it as "occur more quickly"? That's generalized, making even your affirmation correct

      What other abilities that make the basic attack occur quicker, without interacting with hail of blades, do you know about? Other than Riven?

      I thought she was special cased, which makes putting the interaction of hail of blades in the notes pretty important.

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    • what's this "after animation of basic attack"?

      i'm sorry but your english is not very good, so if you can at least explain it properly to have it worded properly?

      so, you say it's the animation that comes after the first basic attack you do, before using Q?

      if it is so. Don't you consider movement command to also do the same thing? Why does Riven's Q still make her next attack after Q go faster than when using a movement command?

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • That's a wikia issue. It happens with every tooltip. The smaller the size of your screen the more will the tooltip get cut.

    It should work if you're full screen (at least it does on my side). If you really need it shown on a smaller screen you can use round= as Tylobic said below.

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    • ehm, i really think we should leave the key inside the tooltip, the numbers look very strange without it

      also, i don't think the tooltip is all that big to have the rounding on ceil / floor. Round 1 would be the best if you really need it.

      Anyway, by looking at the size of the tooltip, there're other tooltips around the wiki with the same size, so if you wanna do something, you should make it consistent and have it all around the wiki.

      For that we would need to vote tho.

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    • "there're other tooltips around the wiki with the same size"?

      Maybe you'r right, but I bet they are somewhere that common players won't visit?

      I mean, I may want to help edit sometimes, but I'm here more for searching for information that help me in-game.

      For my experience, which may be close with common players that just visit without even edit or create an account, I hadn't seen such a huge tooltip (or "2 huge tooltips"?) so long.

      Imo it's why the problem should be valued more: the tooltips are placed in where may be searched by whoever on the internet (a champion's info pages of League of Legends).

      Anyway, still thx for teaching.

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    • ok

      also, if you want to see your edit don't just ctrl f5

      best thing is to write ?action=purge in the page's link

      and if that doesn't work you can try a null edit, i.e you press edit on the page and then publish, without actually editing anything.

      after these your edit should be shown.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • Please don't spam edits on Kai'Sa abilities.

    I understand that you're doing that because the tooltip is too long.

    First of all, when you do an edit on a champion's ability, be sure to hard-refresh the page with Ctrl+F5, otherwise you won't be able to see the changes you did.

    Also to have shorter tooltip you can use |round=1 inside the {{pp}} template.

    Best regards, Tylobic

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    • Thx for the "round=1"...

      I'm actually not that knowing well at fandom wiki, thus there's always thing that I know should be able to be done but don't know how to.

      And, I'm not mean to "spam".

      I had been warned by administrators several times, but since the delay is too severe, the edit preview and even Ctrl+F5 some times can't work for me (at least on fandom wiki)

      Sorry for interference but... Anyway, you know I can only say "I'm just here for helping" everytime...

      LOL Thx again.

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    • No problem, dude, anytime.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • by adding that function, on the pages it looks like they grant double of their intended ms

    can you come on the wiki discord? it's easier to talk there, on #wiki-related

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    • well...I'm just look around, and loving League, not pro like you lol

      anyway I'll think about the solution to solve this without "double the effect" then

      thx you for explaining

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • https://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Template:Data_Yasuo/Steel_Tempest?diff=2716254&oldid=2710206

    are you sure? I tested it and even though i E-ed one target the on hit effects applied to the closest to me, which was different than the E target.

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  • The maximum bonus duration is 3 seconds because at rank 1, 5 + 3 = 8 seconds which is the maximum duration.

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    • i wasn't wrong at all. You're the one who said "omgomg no way! "3 times" was come from official and can be easily confirmed by a 3-sec test!!? focus on the CD reduction VFX on you'r ability icon, then count "1,2,3" it's even not complex at all. don't mess pls"

      Yea, count 1,2,3. I didn't count. I simply recorded it. You can never count abilities to find their duration.

      That vfx bug is non important. It would've been if the vfx finished before the ability, but it actually finishes when the ability ends, so no use in adding it to the wiki.

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    • omg you still insist

      You DID wrong, since after your edit, the information on that page still is(before I figured out what caused our argument and added it in).

      Olso that's a notable bug, because it's a "count down VFX", it should "jump back" instead of "slow down".

      It is when you break from invisibility, while it is not when you enter one, so it's totally a bug anyway.

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • I found that this would be much more useful to point out here than in the comments of Pyke's page.

    If you do not know how to edit any of the wiki format, I recommend not touching them, as even small edits can mess with a template. If you want to help editting, it is better to not make a comment showing your confusion and more asking through message walls the mods or editors who did those edits.

    Also take into consideration that people will be not instantaneous in responding to mistakes or any requests for help on the articles. Us mods and admins will try, but we have our lives; we are not hired watchmen who are tasked to keep a 24/7 eye.

    Below is what you had commented:

    I just wanted to edit that table in Ability details under Pyke's passive......
    {{stat table header|item}}{{Do for every item|item table row|p1n=2|p1v=pykehealth}}<br />{{stat table footer}}
    I mean, I had done much studies then realized what's this, but what's "p1v=pykehealth" ???
    I thought it must be something like "p1v=health", "p1v=mana"...etc...
    How someone did that??? Or whatever, how could I edit it?......
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  • Welcome, LOLisLeagueOfLegends!

    Hello and welcome to the League of Legends Wiki. I hope you like the place and choose to join our work. Feel free to join the Discord and interact with other editors.

    Here are a few good links for newcomers:

    Things to work on:

    Remember that you should always sign your comments on talk and vote pages by using the signature button or with four tildes, like this: ~~~~.

    I hope you enjoy editing here and being a League of Legends Wikian! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on my talk page, or on the Discord. Happy editing! TehAnonymous (talk) 01:44, January 23, 2018 (UTC)

    This is an automatically generated message, but a real user may respond to replies.
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