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  • https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Template:Data_Talon/Rake?curid=1309731&diff=2773478&oldid=2735283

    you changed the value saying that the patch notes said it was 900.

    i don't agree with that. The patch notes are usually wrong, so i decided to revert your edit.

    For example, check Zoe OriginalSquare Zoe's Sleepy Trouble Bubble Sleepy Trouble Bubble, tons of values are different than what the patch notes said, and i'm pretty sure the ones we have on the wiki are the correct ones.

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    • The actual 650 range on Rake posted here on LoL wiki implies it's shorter than Talon's E which has a basic 725 range. Just test the spell ranges in game and you'll see his W has at least twice the range of a Flash (Calculated with dummies in practice tool), outranging by far his E in any case. And no, Rake has no variable range.

      I know it's written 650 range on the official LoL page but you can also find mistakes like 300 range on Garen's Q, always on the official website. I thought at first it was a nerf on Talon through latest patches (A pick I'm playing btw) but after checking a few times on his history section and comparing in game, nothing affected his W range since patch 6.22 stating : " Range increased to 900 from 750. " This value here sounds more realistic than the previous 650, based on what I can see and test in game.

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    • ah i see

      you didn't tell me before that you tested it.

      I don't have time to test every claim people make on the wiki (most simply edit based on what they've read, without any testing) and i want things to remain correct.

      ps: that range is taken from the api

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    • Will not forget to mention that on future if I make a modification. xD

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    • an anonymous contributor
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  • Hello Hjarta,

    Before we start, check this out:

    Freljord Freljordian Village
    Lesdin 5Gamma
    Braum OriginalSquare  
    "Ah, new beginnings."

    Seems like you are new to posting custom content blogs on this wikia. Welcome!

    It seems like that there is an item or two that you could brush up on your blog, most evidently the categories used. Use this guide to help you on your journey as a custom content creator. If you ever need any direct assistance, contact GreenMoriyama, as he is the overlooking moderator of blogs.

    To put everything into context, Work in Progress projects should be made in a sandbox, not a blog. Instructions on how to make a sandbox is in the above description. Blogs posted should be complete, or at least fully ready to be reviewed in all parts; any continual works that can be revised are permitted, but nothing lacking a part (such as a rework kit missing vital abilities from the original champ).

    I have removed your original blog, with whatever special content placed here:

    |name = Garen
    |title = The Might of Demacia
    |image = Garen OriginalCentered.jpg
    |ms = 340
    |as_base = 0.625
    |as_lvl = 2.9
    |dam_base = 65
    |dam_lvl = 5
    |arm_base = 36
    |arm_lvl = 3
    |mr_base = 34
    |mr_lvl = 2
    |hp_base = 620
    |hp_lvl = 90
    |hp5_base = 8
    |hp5_lvl = 0.5
    |mp_base = 10
    |mp_lvl = 1
    |mp5_base = 1
    |mp5_lvl = 0.1
    |range = 175
    |rangetype = Melee
    |resource = ???
    |role = Juggernaut
    |author = Hjarta
    |damage = 2
    |toughness = 3
    |control = 2
    |mobility = 2
    |utility = 1
    |style = 75
    |difficulty = 1
    |offcenter = true
    |herotype = {{Attributes|Assassin|Marksman|Fighter}},Juggernaut
    |alttype = {{Attributes|Support|Tank|Jungler|Mage|Recommended|Stealth}}, Pusher
    |ad_base = 65
    |ad_lvl = 5

    Otherwise, have a good day.

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    • Hello, could you point to me where the sandbox is mentioned please? I keep reading your guide but I still don't see how to make a sandbox. It's only talking about templates, formatting and policies. Wanted to send you a message to ask how to make private my sketchy work before testing a custom template but I'm not really familiar with the wikia functionalities (Should I just write something on your message wall?). By the way, I tried to remove the blog post category with the recycle bin logo but it just keep persisting coming back hmmm...

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    • Sandboxes are made by creating a new page with "User:Your Name/Whatever name you want sandbox."

      Below is a sandbox you can use:


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    • an anonymous contributor
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