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  • What's your reasoning for insisting on keeping "health effects ignore shields"?

    it's not that health effects were specifically coded to ignore shields.

    in your case health effects also ignore grey health, or other effects that are put on the lifebar.

    they were instead specifically coded to only consider health, which is different from shields, which is different from grey health.

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    • Some people get confused between Hit-Points and Health points, it clears it up so people know that when an abilitiy like Pyke's death from above, can not be prevented from shields if below the threshold and what not. It is a note for people who are curious. Some people wonder how health effects deal with shields, they damage shields, but ignore them when determining their calculations. That is why I made a note section and think it belongs there, as opposed to being in the intro too. Also there was no mention of it before I added it too.

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    • i'm not talking about the info. the info is good, and it's good to have it there.

      i'm just talking about the wording.

      you want to have "ignores shields, ignores grey health for damage calculations"

      i want to have "shields are not considered health"

      i explained above why i bealive my version is the best.

      why do you think yours is the best?

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    • Its about explaining exactly what is happening, like "Shields are not considered health, therefore they are ignored by damage calculations".

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    • Yes, it is fine

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