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  • I admire what you're doing. Featuring the blog post: what we have on the English main wiki is {{/Featured}}, which transcludes League_of_Legends_Wiki/Featured to the home page in its small box. Another method, as admin, is the community-corner, which I see you've used. In the past, it's been very useful for getting people's attention on discussions/things. An alternative, that I don't recommend/like, is to enable Message Wall & the new Forums, allowing you to highlight forum threads. Special:WikiLabs or your equivalent is the location for those features.

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    • Thank you! That was just what I was looking for. I think, given the size we've reached, that that's the best thing we can do now. I've already asked for other people's opinions on the forums subject, so I'll hold it for a while now. Again, thank you sir! (btw, I already implemented it lol)

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