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  • https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Template:Data_Kayn/Umbral_Trespass?curid=1328783&diff=2800541&oldid=2793955

    It's a dash. Not a blink.

    Blink moves you from A to C instantly, without passing through B. Kayn's however passes through B, you can see it by how the camera moves + the minimap.

    It's just like Zed and Ekko's Rs. They also dash through space. In Ekko's case this dash also allows him to trigger any W-s in the middle. If he blinked he wouldn't have gotten a chance.

    I also thought about changing it to blink time ago, but i changed my mind. https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Template:Data_Kayn/Umbral_Trespass?diff=2737336&oldid=2737082

    Also. It's up to 200 bonus range. The 300 normal range is static. 300 is the minimum and 300 is the maximum. You cannot decide to dash a shorter way.

    The 200 bonus range however you can decide. If we leave it like 200 bonus range, it sounds like you always dash 500 units away, but you can decide to dash at 300 if you want, as a minimum.

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  • https://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Template:Rune_data_Conqueror?curid=1355863&diff=2742358&oldid=2740164

    Again... that's not true for all cases, i.e shaco. Shaco deals damage and still doesn't refresh conqueror. We don't know if he's the only one, so it's better if we generalize the description to accept all cases. Same thing happens when you stack conqueror, so it's even more disturbing that you've only put "damaging" to the refreshing part.

    In-combat also includes damaging inside it, so there's no use in re-calling it, and we even explained it in the notes what we mean by it.

    i could say "by going in-combat by damaging or using abilities against enemy champions." but then to keep it consistent i should also put it above, i.e

    "Entering combat by damaging or using abilities."

    We're basically explaining what entering combat means inside the conqueror description, and that's the reason i've linked it to the combat status page, and it shouldn't be in the conqueror description.

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    • Don't worry about the edge cases. I'll going to list all the special cases on the notes page, so we don't have to generalize. I also want to clarify to you that the Shaco bug?/interaction only occurs with his clone. The explosion and boxes from Hallucinate still stack/refresh Conqueror like normal. I did some testing with Annie's Tibbers on the side, and she can stack Conqueror with Tibbers, so it looks like Shaco's R clone is the odd one out.

      In-combat does include dealing damage, but please read my edit a little bit more carefully: "...damage enemy champions or use abilities that trigger in-combat effects." I had to include the damaging part because otherwise I would exclude basic attacks. Your first revision after that managed to shorten it to "trigerring combat effects." So kudos to you.

      Also, we have to explain parts of what entering combat means beause we have to differentiate Conqueror stacking from normal in-combat. Normal in combat can be achieved thru minions and monsters - but Conqueror requires champions, so we have to specify that. There's also a key difference between actively being in combat and passively being in combat. Getting damaged counts as being in combat, but that won't stack Conqueror. A Tryndamere getting basic attacked by Caitlyn won't be able to refresh Conqueror that way, but he counts as being in combat.

      Also, please note we can't use movement verbs, like 'going' or 're-entering,' because the champion refreshing Conqueror is already in combat, i.e. you can't go to the mall if you're already there.

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    • When you enter combat, you remain in combat for a certain amount of time. You generate the stacks not when being in combat, but when entering combat. When conqueror stops stacking after 3.9 seconds you're still considered in-combat for some effects in the game, which means conqueror is affected by entering combat, and not by staying in combat.

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  • Using the template on the category page leads to recursive categorization, which is bad practice.


    Copyrighting issues aren't as big of a concern as you're making them out to be. You can afford to chill out a bit

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