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Medieval is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in the Middle Ages, each champion is a person from the medieval period.


  • Little Knight Amumu Little Knight Amumu
    A diminutive knight whose heart is brave and true, Sir Amumu of Shurima wants only to see peace reign the land in his lifetime. Considering that he's an undying, mummified princeling, he'll probably succeed.
  • Queen Ashe Queen Ashe
    A radiant queen once venerated as a figure reborn from legend, Ashe rules her people as the visionary leader of two great Freljordian houses. Yet two equally driven rivals oppose her queendom, as a rising darkness threatens to consume them all.
  • Sir Kled Sir Kled
    Sir Prince Chevalier Archduke Lord Double-Earl Kled (or Sir Kled, for short) is a half-mad knight from the aptly named Kingdom of Kled, which contains exactly two subjects: Kled, and his cowardly avian mount, Skarl. Together, the pair ravage the countryside to 'reclaim' Kled's 'land', which apparently is… all land, everywhere.
  • Sorceress Lux Sorceress Lux
    An aspiring mage from the Demacian Dukedom, Lux has traveled across the land in her quest to lighten the lives of the peasantry with magic. Though her efforts are often met with suspicion at first, tales of her 'miracles' are beginning to reach the ruling class of the Dukedom itself…
  • Blacksmith Poppy Blacksmith Poppy
    A famously gruff blacksmith working under the tutelage of Sir Ornn of the Freljord, Poppy wields a hammer imbued with a powerful magic that she believes is destined for the weapon for an unknown hero. Little does she know the hammer is the weapon, and the hero… is herself.
  • King Tryndamere King Tryndamere
    A proud king who was once known only as a brutal highland swordsman, Tryndamere rules his people as the martial protector of two great Freljordian houses. Yet every day he resists the pull of an intangible evil at his back, as he has not forgotten a certain blood debt that he vowed to see repaid.
  • Medieval Twitch Medieval Twitch
    Chromaskins.png Chromas: Amethyst, Obsidian, Sapphire
    An assassin-for-hire living beneath Dread Fortress Zaun, Twitch is a disgusting malefactor who has tipped every one of his killing implements in moist, toxic garbage. He excitedly awaits each contract, eager to kill, steal, and destroy as much as he can.
  • White Mage Veigar White Mage Veigar
    A master of healing magic residing within an ancient cathedral, Veigar self-identifies as a dastardly archvillain rather than the pious cleric he clearly is. His magic has cured ailments and dispelled curses from across the land, much to his chagrin.


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