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   "So cool! I haven't seen one of these things since the robot wars that killed everybody."
Pulsefire Ezreal Pulsefire Ezreal

When colossal kaiju begin attacking from the sea, land, and air, humanity develops equally powerful mecha units to stop them in explosive hand-to-hand combat.

  • Giant Enemy Crabgot Giant Enemy Crabgot
    Emerging from the deep sea as the first of the kaiju menace, Crabgot has never been completely defeated by the forces of humanity. The best result when it emerges is to temporarily halt its advance, sending the massive crustacean back into the sea... until it can rise once more.


Academy Adventures

What does a day in the life of Academy Ahri, Darius, Ekko, and Vlad look like? Wonder no longer! We collaborated with Sara 'Gutter Rat' Morgan, a wickedly talented community creator, to bring the students' school shenanigans to life.[1]


  • The concept for these skins was directly inspired by the movie Pacific Rim.
  • It has been confirmed by Riot employees that both Battlecast and Mecha are two distinct universes separate from the universe of PROJECT and Program.[2]
    • However, while not being directly part of any other skin universe but its own, Pulsefire champions are able to traverse space-and-time, making them effectively able to be in all skin universes, including the main League of Legends universe.[3]
    • It has been hinted by Riot employees that Giant Enemy Crabgot Giant Enemy Crabgot could be part of the same universe as the kaiju monster that the Yordles are fighting against.[4]
      • He was later confirmed to be part of the same universe.
  • Giant Enemy Crabgot Giant Enemy Crabgot can be seen time displaced in the Academy universe through the comic series, Academy Adventures.